New SAER 4” Submersible Motors


SAER Elettropompe Srl, profiting from its experience of many years in the production of 6”-8”-10” and 12” submersible motors, has now introduced the new series of 4” motors.

The new 4” motor, series CL 95, has been studied based on EASINESS principles:

  • easy to install
  • easy to disassemble
  • easy to reassemble
  • easy maintenance

It is a motor with good performances, produced with updated technologies which assure excellent quality and high reliability.

Asynchronus motor, with squirrel cage rotor, single phase (PSC) and three phase version.

Single phase:

  • power from 0,33 to 3 HP
  • from 0.25 to 2.2 kW
  • tension from 110 to 240 V
  • frequency 50 Hz or 60HZ

Three phase:

  • power from 0,5 to 10 HP
  • from 0.37 to 7.5 kW
  • tension from 220 to 460 V
  • frequency 50HZ or 60HZ

The single phase motors are of permanent split capacitor type (PSC), with external capacitor to be installed in the control panel. The CL 95 motor is an oil filled motor, filled with atoxic liquid, pollution free, approved by American FDA standards.

The external shell, the shaft end and the lower cover are in stainless steel. The upper support is made of brass. In the lower part there is a compensation membrane, rightly sized to absorb the normal thermal expansions of the internal liquid. The stator, easily removable, is wound with a normal enamelled wire, insulation Class F. The rotors are of die-cast aluminium up to 3HP, for higher power the cage is made of copper. The bearings are of a sliding type, widely sized to bear the axial load of the pumps:

-- 150 kg for motors up to 3 HP.

-- 450 kg for motors higher than 3 HP

The bearings are of selected quality, but of regular production and therefore easy to find in every country. The seal of the shaft is of mechanical type, with a sand guard. The motor is supplied with a quadripole flat cable lead (3+1) , section 2 mm², length 1,5 meters, with a special plug for direct fitting to the motor.

coupling: shaft end and flange according to NEMA standards

protection: IP 68

service: continuous

insulation: class F

max. external water temperature: 30 °C

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