New Multiplex Pump for Volume Flows Up to 1800 l/h


Lewa GmbH worked with experts from Nikkiso in Japan to develop the Ecosmart Multiplex with more flexibility in meeting the requirements of the various fields in which the Ecosmart pumps are used, and to convey larger total volume flows.

New Multiplex Pump for Volume Flows Up to 1800 l/h

In contrast with the multiplex drives from other suppliers, with the Ecosmart Multiplex up to six pump heads can be connected one after the other. This results in a total conveyed volume of up to 1,800 l/h. (Image: Lewa)

Thus the four different sizes, with piston diameters between 6 and 42 mm, can be combined with each other. Moreover, unlike multiplex drives from other suppliers, up to six heads can be connected one after the other, resulting in a total conveyed volume of up to 1,800 l/h. The maximum allowed working pressure is 80 bar.

This compact diaphragm metering pump is suitable for metering demulsifiers as a quality upgrade for crude oil, for example, or for injecting methanol for drying and deicing in the oil and gas industry, or for adding food coloring and flavors in the food & beverage industry. "Multiplex capability has now made multiple metering possible as well. That means that the same chemicals, or even different ones, can be added at different locations at the same time", explains Thomas Bökenbrink, product manager at Lewa. This novel feature is especially significant for recipe metering in the food industry, for example when adding various coloring agents during the production of candy.

Durable, low maintenance multiplex pump with a variety of configuration options

Ecosmart pumps are generally characterized by high overall efficiency and low life cycle costs. This is due among other things to the sandwich diaphragm concept, which ensures that the pump can continue to operate for a limited time even with a defective diaphragm, absolutely safe and free of leaks. The diaphragm pump is protected by a pressure relief valve in the hydraulic system, to prevent overload. Above all, the multiplex design is very service-friendly, because it doesn t require radial shaft seals between the elements. That eliminates the extensive repair work that has always been required for older pumps.

Depending on the load, only a part of the pump can be used, for example just two of the four pump heads can be turned on, with the remainder only used when needed. The flow rate can also be regulated automatically using electrical stroke adjustment. Compared to the Ecoflow series from Lewa, which has already been available with multiple drives for a long time, the Ecosmart is significantly more cost-effective, but limited to 80 bar. This small pump comes standard in stainless steel, or in PVC for highly aggressive fluids. Custom requests, such as offshore paint, material test certificates, and API approval (American Petroleum Institute), can also be included.

Release for sale is anticipated for the end of May, and the Ecosmart Multiplex should be available by the end of July this year.

Source: LEWA GmbH

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