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28.11.2023: Smart Monitoring IoT Solution for Industrial Pumps from LEWA and generic.de Receive Allianz Industrie 4.0 Award

21.09.2023: New Pump Sizes of the Ecosmart Diaphragm Metering Pump from LEWA Combine Low Purchase Cost with High Performance

08.02.2023: ecodos Pumps from LEWA Cover Wider Range of Applications Thanks to New Drive System

02.08.2022: Triplex Process Diaphragm Pumps Reliably Convey Critical Medium

26.07.2022: LEWA: 70th Anniversary

28.01.2022: New Pump Sizes of the Ecosmart Diaphragm Metering Pump from LEWA

07.12.2021: Hygienic Double Screw Pump Conveys Disinfection Gel

15.10.2021: Digital Factory: Smart Monitoring Tracks Pump Operation and Provides Operating Figures

29.07.2021: Constant Conveying without Pulsation: High-Precision Diaphragm Pumps for Vaccine Production

27.05.2021: Optimized Pump Head for LEWA Ecoflow Pumps Doubles Volumetric Efficiency

26.03.2021: Non-Seal Pumps with E-Monitor Enable Advanced Bearing Condition Monitoring

14.12.2020: On the Test Bench: LEWA Faces Comprehensive Audit by New Audit Team

10.11.2020: Lewa Sells Norwegian Subsidiary to Ellingsen Systems AS

05.11.2020: Drying Gas Under Water: Safe Glycol Injection for Natural Gas Production

16.10.2020: Avoid Heat Input Into The Gas Vessel: Diaphragm Metering Pump Regulates Liquid Propane Injection Via Remote Pump Head

31.07.2020: Oil and Grease Residue Reduced: Lewa Enables Chemical Waste Water Treatment on Offshore Platforms

25.06.2020: Spray drying in the food and pharmaceutical industries

13.05.2020: LEWA realizes heads of 90 meters with DIN EN ISO 2858-compliant NIKKISO canned motor pumps

27.04.2020: LEWA: No environmental impact – Plasticizer production requires hermetically tight process diaphragm pumps

27.03.2020: Titanium material: Pump manufacturer sets up its own clean room for sensitive welding processes

12.03.2020: CO2-cleaning with diaphragm pumps from LEWA

20.01.2020: The LEWA Group Takes over Responsibility for the Sale of NIKKISO Centrifugal Canned Motor Pumps

25.09.2019: German Pump Technology Rrevents Bore Hole Icing on Offshore Platforms

20.09.2019: One Step Ahead: Lewa Is Expanding its Portfolio By Adding a New Micro-Metering Pump for Gas Odorization

11.09.2019: Lewa Goes Down Under: New Subsidiary in Australia Brings Greater Customer Proximity

07.08.2019: Lewa: A Safe Pumping Concept for Transferring Flammable Hazardous Materials

31.07.2019: Perfect insight: Augmented Reality App Enables 3D Interior View of Pumps

12.07.2019: Canned Motor Pumps Reliably Redirect Unwanted By-Products out of the Gas Flow

21.06.2019: Lewa Wins Large-Scale Call for Tenders Held by European Research Center CERN

03.06.2019: Hermetically Tight Design: Aseptic Diaphragm Pump Technology Ensures Maximum Production Safety in Food Industries

23.05.2019: German Pump Technology Prevents Bore Hole Icing on Offshore Platforms

13.03.2019: Total precision: Lewa Diaphragm Pump Enables the Exact Dilution of Emulsifiers and Reduces Logistics Costs

06.02.2019: Toxic Fluid Handling at Offshore Pump Facilities

28.01.2019: Lewa Begins Sales of Nikkiso Centrifugal Canned Motor Pump Models

01.11.2018: Customized Pump Technology Enables Precision Silane Metering

27.09.2018: Lewa Group Adds New Face to Head of Management

06.09.2018: New Magnetically Driven Lewa Micro-Metering Pump Odorizes Volumes of Up to 12,500 Nm³/h

22.08.2018: Chemical Injection Package by Lewa Enables MEG Injection for Extraordinary Requirements on Vibrations and Noise Emissions

13.07.2018: Process Diaphragm Pump by Lewa Ensures Compliance with High Hygiene Standards in Powdered Milk Production for Baby Food

30.05.2018: Lewa Takes Over Global Sales and Introduces Nikkiso Canned Motor Pumps in Accordance with DIN EN ISO 2858

04.05.2018: New Performance Rating of 15 kW Added to Diaphragm Metering Pump Series

04.01.2018: Lewa Dispatches Another 20 Pumps to Saudi Arabia

22.09.2017: Low-Pressure Diaphragm Pump for Hygienically Sensitive Processes by Lewa

19.01.2017: Lewa Starts Testing Room for Process Pumps

20.12.2016: Lewa Has Signed a Purchase Contract with Seko Middle East FZE

17.10.2016: The Largest Odorizing System in Germany by Lewa Odorizes up to 1 Million Cubic Meters of Natural Gas per Hour

07.07.2016: Diaphragm Metering Pumps by Lewa Provide a Constant, Oil-Free Flow of CO2 for Cooling Silicon Sensors at the CERN Research Center for Particle Physics

22.06.2016: Lewa Has Completed the Triple Certification Through the EMAS Registration

29.01.2016: New Management Team to Lead Lewa-Nikkiso Industrial Division from Leonberg Base

26.08.2015: Lewa Supplies New Touchscreen Control for Odorizing Systems

11.06.2015: New Subsidiary in Russia to Improve Market Position

20.05.2015: Safe Conveyance of Sour Crude Oil Despite Demanding Process Conditions

13.05.2015: New Triplex Process Diaphragm Pump for Various Applications

08.04.2015: Lewa´s New Micro-Metering Pump with Mechatronic Control

26.03.2015: Lewa GmbH Develops Low-Pressure Chromatography System

16.03.2015: Lewa´s Robust Multi-Fuel Pumps Supply Astronomy Project in Chile

19.12.2014: Lewa Delivers Hermetically Tight 170 °C High-temperature Pumps for Production

05.12.2014: Lewa: High-precision Ingredient Metering for Spreadable Butter

13.11.2014: Lewa Wins the 2014 Global Connect Award

28.08.2014: Lewa Acquires Successful Sales Representative

24.07.2014: Lewa Receives Certificate for Workplace Safety and Health Protection

26.06.2014: New Corporate Design for Lewa

23.04.2014: New Design for Plunger Pump: Splitted Gear Box and Improved Maintenance Possibilities.

03.03.2014: Lewa Supplies a Major Gas Project in the Persian Gulf

15.01.2014: New Triplex Pump Drive Unit Will Power Natural Gas Tankers with LNG in the Future

26.09.2013: Gas Flow Controlled Diaphragm Pumps from Lewa Ensure Optimum Metering of Odorant

19.08.2013: Newly Developed Diaphragm Pump for Micro-flow Metering in High-pressure Laboratories

07.08.2013: Lewa-Nikkiso Acquires Dutch System Builder Geveke

19.06.2013: Green Technologies Day 2013: Natural Gas as Bridging Technology

13.06.2013: New Multiplex Pump for Volume Flows Up to 1800 l/h

08.05.2013: Webshop Permits the Individual Configuration of Small Pumps

03.05.2013: Lewa to Cooperate With Knoll Maschinenbau GmbH

30.04.2013: Lewa-Nikkiso Acquires Integrated Process Technologies (IPT)

04.03.2013: Lewa – Change in Management

07.12.2012: New CEO at LEWA

14.11.2012: Competence Center Nikkiso Cryo Europe Opened in Italy

12.09.2012: Lewa and Burckhardt Compression Join Forces

21.06.2012: Lewa Uses HPLC Technology from Bayer Technology Services

13.06.2012: Lewa Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

08.06.2012: Lewa Launches New Website

01.06.2012: Fluid Metering with Defined Precision

03.05.2012: Lewa CEO Joins the Economic Senate in Germany

08.03.2012: Prize Awarded to Lewa As Top Innovator

21.12.2011: Lewa ecosmart Metering Pump Now Available With PVC Liquid End

15.12.2011: Lewa Supports Business in Russia With Its Own Subsidiary

23.08.2011: Reproducibly Precise Flow

17.08.2011: Lewa Founds Subsidiary in Dubai

11.05.2011: Process Diaphragm Pumps with PTFE Diaphragm for Pressures up to 1.000 bar

28.04.2011: Carbon Dioxide: Climate Killer or Raw Material?

23.07.2010: Lewa Diaphragm Metering Pump for Plant Engineering

21.07.2009: NIKKISO and LEWA Intend to Be Global Leaders Together

15.07.2009: LEWA Founds Joint Venture in Singapore

04.08.2004: Biggest High-Pressure Process Diaphragm Pump

01.07.2004: Metering and Mixing Pumps For Color and Flavor Concentrates

06.12.2000: LEWA: New Diaphragm Pump Head Series with PTFE Diaphragm