New Magnetically Levitated Turbopump


Pfeiffer Vacuum, the inventor of the turbopump, has created the highest performance pump in its class by the world’s first

maglev pump with integrated controller.

New Magnetically Levitated Turbopump

HiMag(TM) (source: Pfeiffer Vacuum)

Through advanced rotor design, Pfeiffer Vacuum is able to offer a pump with high pumping speed (2100 l/s for N2), high compression for light gasses (10e4 for H2), and high heavy gas throughput (2500 sccm Ar) in a compact, safe, and reliable package.

Safe and Reliable

The rugged design of the HiMagTM pump offers a high degree of safety and reliability. The advanced rotor design creates a very low moment of inertia resulting in low forces and subsequently in high safety factors. Constant monitoring of the rotor through a system of sensors supports stable operation of the pump under all operating conditions. Vibration and noise levels are reduced to a minimum through the advanced magnetic suspension system. The HiMagTM pump complies with Semi S-2 (safety) and F-47 (power failure).

Suitable for all Vacuum Process Applications

The HiMag does not contain a drag stage so it is suitable for use in processes with high particle loads, high gas loads, and corrosive gasses. Despite the lack of drag stages, the HiMagTM pump has a high foreline tolerance (3 mbar for N2), allowing smaller backing pumps to be used.

The bearing design creates very low external magnetic fields that may interfere with sensitive equipment. At the same time the special stainless steel housing allows pump operation in magnetic fields as high as 10 mT. This facilitates the use of this pump in ion implanters, electron beam systems and other systems where high magnetic fields occur, without needing to use cumbersome external shields.

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