New elastomer bellows-type seal as inexpensive cartridge unit


Burgmann has launched the Unitex® cartridge seal that covers a wide operational spectrum in the medium pressure and stress range. Attractively priced, this cartridge seal is ideal for applications in the chemical and food industries, as well as the sewage, paint and lacquer sectors, for the handling of cold and hot water, beverages, weak lyes, and acids and suspensions.

In this version, the universal cartridge concept for pumps – for original equipment or conversions – offers a whole series of advantages for simple installation and safe, efficient operation. As a complete, pre-assembled unit, the Unitex® fits into existing pump installation spaces, is easily installed, and therefore cuts installation costs considerably. Four mounting fixtures ensure precise concentricity between cover and seal unit.

This compact, one-piece bellows unit with tight-fitted seal face does not permit the formation of deposits between bellows and seal face. Bellows and spring units are free of torsional stress, and make for a long service life as result of positive force application onto the seal face via the corner ring.

The Unitex® is available ex warehouse with metric or inch-based dimensions up to a diameter of 75 mm / 2.625", and is generally equipped with a flushing connection to API Plan 11 for cleaning and cooling the sealing compartment.

Further advantages at a glance

  • High-quality face and construction materials enable a large range of applications
  • Large clearance between cover, stuffing box compartment and seal for assisting self-cleaning and cooling of the stuffing box compartment
  • High cover rigidity due to large flange thickness prevents warpage (deflection) when screwing the unit onto the pump housing, and protects against leakage at the gasket
  • No bonded joints
  • Bellows seal given technical approval by major pump manufacturer

Operating limits

d1 25 – 75 mm

1" – 2.625"

p1* 12 (16) bar

t* -20°C + 90°C (140°C)

vg 10 m/s

* Admissible axial movement: +/- 0.5 mm

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