New Depa Nopped S4 Diaphragm for Chemical Processing Applications


Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions announced the introduction of its new Depa Nopped S4 Diaphragm for chemical processing applications.

Featuring an innovative “nopped” surface, designed to create advantageous flow conditions emulating the effect of golf ball dimples, the Depa Nopped S4 Diaphragm is a versatile, state of the art industry solution. The use of Santoprene as its core material, a substance uniting elastomer (EPDM) and polypropylene (PP), in synergy with its chemical and mechanical properties offers enhanced flexibility and resistance against abrasion, extending the lifetime and corresponding economy of operation and maintenance. The Depa Nopped S4 diaphragms are designed for applications in chemical industries, e.g. basic chemicals, paints, varnish, coatings, and heavy duty industries, for which they meet or exceed relevant industry standards.

The efficiency and reliability of Depa Nopped S4 Diaphragms is further enhanced by the modular principle guiding the design of Depa pumps and diaphragms, and are freely interchangeable between various models of Depa pumps, further adding to their lifetime economy as spare/component parts inventory of the diaphragms can be reduced.

“CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions strives to remain at the forefront of innovation, and the new design of the Depa Nopped S4 Diaphragm continues in that tradition,” said Sandra Hoffmann, Global Business Line Manager, CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions, Depa. “Its versatility, durability, and contributions to efficiency make it a remarkable addition to CRANE’s comprehensive product portfolio and it offers the industry a greater range of effective and progressive solutions.”

The Depa Nopped S4 Diaphragm is in compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. It is available in 5 sizes from DL15-80 / ½” – 3”, it can operate within a temperature range of -20° C to +110° C (-4° F to 230° F), and a maximum 7 bar operating pressure.

Product features summary:

  • Pioneered the nopped design utilizing a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) diaphragm material
  • Improved energy efficiency compared to previous versions of TPE diaphragms, the innovative nopped design and its use of Santoprene (material) offers excellent performance while enabling longer service life
  • Offers lower cost of operation, reduces demand for spare parts inventory, lowers maintenance downtime, and consequently increases plant capacity
  • Interchangeable among the Depa pumps ranges (modular design)

Source: Crane Co.

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