ISH 2007: Innovations in Water Supply and Pressure Boosting


In this second part reports about the important innovations in water supply and pressure boosting. The report focuses on submersible motor pumps, circulating pumps as well as drive and control technology.

Water Supply and Pressure Boosting

Pressure Boosting Systems

KSB Hyamat An eye-catcher at the KSB booth are the new pressure boosting systems Hyamat VP PumpDrive. The motor mounted frequency converters allow the permanent adjustment of speed and ensure a constant pressure for any discharge volume.

The large display in the pressure boosters is standard. It clearly shows all the important information like operating hours or system pressure. The values important for operation can be entered by the user one after another and can later be adjusted to changing conditions. There is a help text in the display for each parameter describing its function clearly. The system’s nominal value can be adjusted to the time. The sensors are also monitored. In case of failure the system would report it and change to a predefined emergency operation.

The pump specialist from Dortmund – Wilo – presented especially powerful new pressure boosting systems fort he potable water and fire-fighting water in buildings and for cooling systems and industrial water circuits. The new top-line models of the Wilo-Comfort and Wilo-Economy series are based on the largest vertical high pressure centrifugal pump in Wilo’s product range. The Wilo-Multivert MVI 95 is designed as single pump for a maximum discharge of 140 m³/h and a head of up to 160 meters.

Two to six of the powerful high pressure centrifugal pumps in dry-running versions of the Wilo-Comfort CO/COR MVI 95 series are set in parallel circuits. The pressure boosting systems comply with DIN 1988 Part 5 and are delivered as ready-for-connection-aggregates on a joint base frame. The delivery comprises the complete piping including all hydraulically required components, pressure sensors and the complete wiring. Every system is equipped as standard with the control device "Comfort Controller (CC)" with a micro computer control which can be programmed from memory and a touch display capable of displaying graphics. The new pressure boosting systems can be supplied either with or without frequency converter for infinitely variable control of the base-load pump.

High Pressure Centrifugal Pumps and Single Pump Stations

To match the high quality demands in drinking water supply Biral now focuses on pressure-water systems with pass diaphragm case (in compliance with DIN 1988, 4807-5, W270). The potable water in the diaphragm pressure case is replaced after each circulation and each turn-on of the pump so any biofilm formation (colony formation of micro organisms) will be avoided. This ensures the constant renewal of the water in the diaphragm pressure case and the water reaching the consumer is always fresh instead of stale.

The single pump station Wilo-Economy CO 1 MVI 95 based on the larges high pressure centrifugal pump Wilo-Multivert MVI 95 by Wilo is also new. It is ready-for-connection pressure booster with fixed speed, mounted at delivery.

Submersibel Motor Pumps

Lowara Z6With the new Lowara Z6 series ITT presents a completely reworked version of the 6“ submersible pumps. The pumps feature a reduced energy consumption and therefore improved Life Cycle Costs (LCC). The stainless steel design minimizes the risk of water contamination. The modular structure and the higher pressure and shorter pumps per stage mean easy installation and maintenance. The robust design provides a sand-abrasion resistance for up to 100 g/m³. The series is available in 50 and 60 Hz as well as standard and high pressure version with delivery heads up to 700 m.

Lowara introduces a new Guarantee Program. Especially for applications of Lowara submersible motors (L6W to L12W) in connection with controls from the defender program the company now offers a 3-year-guarantee.

Pentair 6TSPentair introduces its new Nocchi series 6TS. The 6“ submersible pump has a vertically fixed base design of stainless steel 304 with hard-chromium plated surfaces that have a higher chemical resistance in comparison to standard stainless steel pumps. The sturdy and dependable construction has an integrated non-return valve. Many design details ensure a high efficiency and a long, reliable pump life.

The Italian specialist for submersible motors ZDS Technotronic expands its offering of 4“ submersible motor pumps by the IPS4X. The stainless steel pump has an integrated level switch and is therefore suitable for dry-running and can be used in applications with delivery flows up to15 m³/h und a maximum delivery head of 350 m. The company advertises the quality of its products which are tested with 6 million operation intervals.

The TM series by Zehnder is the ideal solution for water supply from your own well or cistern. The electrical, multi-stage deep well pumps are designed especially for pump applications in depths of more than 8.5 m where conventional garden pumps have no suction anymore. The high quality design has a brass bearing casing. The series was extended and now contains a total of 6 aggregates sizes 3“ and 4“.

Circulating Pumps

The Deutsche Vortex now offers W-motors as an alternative to Wilo Type Z 15 pumps. Here, the motor unit of the current series is directly mounted with a ball motor with impeller onto the pump casing. Changing the pipe is therefore not necessary. The water-containing part can be cleaned or descaled easily in Vortex W motors. Part of the delivery is the rotor, the sealing ring and sleeve nut.

An advanced version of the fully automated secondary hot water circulation pump Wilo-Star-Z 15 TT is presented by Wilo AG. The service motor of this pump now fits to more than 40 models of other manufacturers and can be installed quickly and easily on existing pump housings. Replacing a faulty pump is therefore particularly quick and easy: Only the old motor needs to be taken out of the housing, then the new service motor with a new housing seal can be inserted and screwed in. The "Wilo-Star-Z 15 TT" offers the sanitary and heating craft a particularly modern and energy-saving solution for secondary hot water circulation systems. In addition, it offers a protection against legionellae because it automatically detects and supports the thermal disinfection of the secondary hot water system. When the secondary hot water tank is heated up to approx. 70 °C, which usually happens at night, the "Wilo-Star-Z 15 TT" automatically activates itself and flushes the whole system with hot water.

Drive and Control Technology

ITT Genyo The new GENYO series from ITT was designed as compact control with electronic pressure and flow switch for alternating current pumps. The switch gear automatically controls the pump start and stop based on the current water decrease, prevents pressure fluctuations and ensures unchanged delivery volume at a constant operating pressure. The new control was especially designed for the application in building services and combines multiple control systems in one device. The most important applications that bring out the advantages of the GENYO are the pressure boosting in single-family homes and apartment buildings, small sprinkler and irrigation systems as well as water supply for pools, camping grounds and sports arenas.

Pentair CPS The CPS frequency controller by Pentair (Nocchi) sets a constant pressure at changing water demand by controlling the motor speed. For direct mounting at the pump drive the module is applied in pressure boosting, irrigation or in fountains.

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