High Temperature Pumping Solution

For the use of submerged sump pumps in risk zones, requires appropriate technologies and experience. The Egger production facility in Cressier, Switzerland, has manufactured numerous pumps for the salt industry in recent months.
High Temperature Pumping Solution

Image source: Emile Egger & Cie SA

Molten salt for heat transfer, hardening salt or hot slop must be pumped at temperatures between 150 and 450°C. These partly slug gish liquids are usually pumped from pressure-free containers. The temperature, pour point, solid matter or high vapour pressures normally require sealless submerged sump pumps with customised design details.

To meet the specific requirements of the end customer, a Peruvian company operating in the salt and chemicals sector, Egger designed a vertical sump pump in size DN 100 (E 9-100 SMT4 LB4S) to operate with a well depth of two meters.

The SMT design with a high quality plain bearing makes the pump suitable for pumping difficult high temperature fluids. In this case, a molten salt mixture (sodium nitrate NaNO3, potassium nitrate KNO3 and sodium nitrite NaNO2) which the advantages of being less corrosive and ideal as a heat transfer fluid at a nominal temperature of 450 °C.

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