Hamworhy Pumps Presents new Service Kits

Pump service must be fast and painless. Therefore, the benefits of buying service kits are obvious and Hamworthy Pumps is experiencing an increasing demand for its various overhaul- and seal kits.
Hamworhy Pumps Presents new Service Kits

New service kits: The benefits are obvious. (Image source: Hamworthy Pumps Pte. Ltd)

The concept ensures customers get everything they need when ordering spare parts. This will save valuable time because it ensures that their pump does not go out of operation for longer than necessary. The kits are tailored to the recommended maintenance schedules for Hamworthy´s range of pumps.

At Hamworthy Pumps, these kits have been available and on the shelf since May 2020.

"Our customers are very happy with what they have received and the hassle it has saved" says Ben Diaper, Head of Aftersales Support/General Manager, UK at Hamworthy Pumps.

Many benefits
The concept is a faster and easier way to buy the spare parts needed for service. The customer simply provides the serial number of the pump to receive all the spare parts needed.

One of the many benefits is the fact that these kits are available at a cheaper price. Another is that customers will have all the parts they will need when overhauling pumps (overhaul kit) and changing seals (seal kit).

"Often parts are broken when changing the seal, but customers will not need to order any other parts as they are in the kit" says Ben Diaper.

Service kits are tailored to maintenance schedules for all types of pumps in the range. This ensures significant time savings in the customer’s purchasing process because everything is under one item number.


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