Flygt Hydroejectors Offer Two-pronged Approach to Cleaning


ITT Flygt’s range of submersible hydroejectors, which are effectively designed mixing and flushing units for cleaning retention basins, is now available.

Water entering retention basins often contains odorous or toxic solid particles, sediments and built up of organic matter, which necessitates manual cleaning. But the installation of a Flygt hydroejector eradicates the need for manual cleaning and enables the solids to be easily removed when the retention basin is emptied.

Depending on the level of the water, the hydroejector performs two different functions. It acts as a mixer when submerged by utilising primary and secondary water flows. The ejector pipe’s nozzle ensures that the velocity of the water which passes through it increases, causing a reduction in pressure, increasing the thrust and producing a high power jet which resuspends the pollutants until their removal from the basin. In addition, when the water level is low, the hydroejector turns into a powerful flushing device which cleans the basin floor and walls of organic matter.

Andy Gaunt, Flygt’s municipal market manager for process equipment, says, “Because of the presence of solids in the stored water, clogging is always a potential problem, so Flygt’s hydroejectors are equipped with a self-cleaning N-impeller and a large nozzle diameter to eliminate this possibility.

“A hydroejector can also be fitted with different sized pumps to obtain the optimal mixing and flushing capacity for specific sized or shaped retention basins.”

Hydroejectors can be combined with submersible mixers for maximum efficiency in deep tanks to agitate settled deposits.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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