EurEau Elects New President

The European Federation of National Associations of Water Services elects a new president, committee chairs and Executive Committee, to oversee the continued protection of Europe’s water consumers and the environment
EurEau Elects New President

Pär Dalhielm (Image source: EurEau)

Pär Dalhielm is the new EurEau President, leading Europe’s water services with the ambition to strengthen our voice in the coming political debates and policymaking.
Pär was elected by his peers at the General Assembly meeting in Prague on Friday 26 May. He is the CEO of Svenskt Vatten, the Swedish national organisation for drinking water and wastewater services.

“The water sector is a relevant, competent and determined partner for when the EU and member states are defining and striving for a greener and greater future” outlined Dalhielm.
“The EU’s Green Deal is a window of opportunity to protect our water resources and tackle pollution at source. It also puts pressure on the water sector to contribute to a more holistic approach to protecting our environment. We are a proactive and ambitious partner in meeting new challenges, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 at the latest and using our full circular economy potential” he continued.

EurEau also elected new Committee Chairs and an executive board.

The full result of the EurEau elections are:

  • Pär Dalhielm (Svenskt Vatten, Sweden): President
  • Gesche Grützmacher (DVGW, Germany) and Riina Liikanen (FIWA, Finland): co-Chairs of the EurEau Committee on Drinking Water
  • John Casey (Uisce Eireann, Ireland) and Paula Lindell (FIWA, Finland): co-Chairs of the EurEau Committee on Waste Water
  • Denis Bonvillain (FP2E, France) and Brian Murphy (Uisce Eireann, Ireland): co-Chairs of the EurEau Committee on Economics and Legal Affairs.

The full Executive Committee will be composed of Mariano Blanco Orozco (AEAS, Spain), Claudia Castell-Exner (DVGW, Germany), Karl Cilia (Water Services Corporation, Malta), Stuart Colville (Water UK), Sandis Dejus (Latvian Water and Wastewater Works Association), Luigi del Giacco (Utilitalia, Italy) and Klara Ramm, (IGWP, Poland). Alain Gillis (Belgaqua, Belgium) remains as treasurer.
All parties take up their new positions from 01 July 2023.

Source: EurEau

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