Energy Efficient Compact Mixer Launched by ITT Water & Wastewater


A compact mixer offering significant energy savings was globally launched today by ITT Water & Wastewater. The motor in the new Flygt 4650 LSPM mixer relies on Line-Started Permanent-Magnet (LSPM) technology to deliver optimal efficiency in terms of mixer thrust and electrical input.

Energy Efficient Compact Mixer Launched by ITT Water & Wastewater

Flygt 4650 LSPM Mixer

“LSPM motor efficiency is significantly higher compared to corresponding 12-pole mixer motors,” says Andreas Lindberg, Product Manager Mixers. “This type of mixer can be line-started, and features both an induction cage and magnets in the rotor itself.”

Its hybrid motor, he continues, offers the high efficiency of synchronous permanent magnet technology. Patents are pending.

Depending on propeller angle and other configurations, the Flygt 4650 LSPM mixer can provide about 10-20% lower energy consumption, 15% higher motor efficiency and 40% lower current consumption compared to standard compact mixers.

With a thrust range of 1,000-3,000 newtons, applications for the Flygt 4650 LSPM include biological wastewater treatment, denitrification and sludge handling–along with mud drilling, agriculture and much else.

The Flygt 4650 LSPM is the result of considerable research and development at ITT over the years. LSPM technology has hitherto been used for other applications, “and now we’re offering the market the benefits of an LSPM motor in a compact mixer,” says Mr. Lindberg. Extensive field testing in Europe has provided excellent results in terms of efficiency and durability.

Standard Flygt 4650 mixers utilizing induction motors will continue to be marketed.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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