EMU SELECT 3 – Software for Pumps, Systems and Components


EMU SELECT 3 - based on the popular VSX software - is a significant software package that offers comprehensive solutions for the professional calculation, planning, design and documentation of pumps and pump systems. With this completely new development, EMU SELECT continues the successful line of EMU selection systems.


Why EMU Select 3

There are many reasons why this software is so successful. From project to database management, parallel pump operation to integrated e-mail functions for communication – this program combines technical and administrative task solutions:

  • P1/Etatot can be shown contrary to other pump manufacturers who only show P2/Etapump
  • Continuous update process for the future
  • It’s possible to send e-mails directly out of the software
  • All data sheets can be stored in PDF-format
  • Calculation of energy costs possible - direct comparison between different pumps
  • Filter and sort functions for the search results
  • Parallel operation and series operation can be simulated
  • Rising mains are taken into account for the calculation of hydraulic losses – exact determination of duty points
  • Projects with several items can be stored
  • Databases of customers and senders
  • Iterative calculation of the actual motor speed over the complete field of curves of the hydraulic
  • Program update alert by e-mail
  • Download of database update by CD

Substantial Inovations

EMU SELECT 3 is based on VSX software. So it is easily recognized and only a small training period is required. Extensive development efforts paid off to equip the software with these new features:

  • The software corresponds to the latest international standard
  • Available in many different languages
  • Integrated project processing
  • Automatic selection of units taking into consideration pipe lines,

    flow rate and operating costs

  • Display of the different product information, technical data and curves
  • Use of various interfaces for data communications, such as:

    --PDF-version of all printouts as file or e-mail

    --CEF 3.0 Catalogue Exchange Format

    --CEF-XML 3.0 Catalogue Exchange XML Format

    --WMF, BMP and JPG files for technical drawings

    --Export of curve diagrams in the formats wmf, bmp and jpg

Further information on EMU's electronic planning assistants is available in the service section of the EMU Website.


Unterwasserpumpen GmbH

Heimgartenstrasse 1–3

95030 Hof


Phone ++ 49 9281 974-0

Fax ++49 9281 96528

About EMU

EMU Unterwasserpumpen GmbH in Hof/Saale, Germany, was founded in 1949 and taken over by the WILO AG, Dortmund, Germany, at the beginning of 2003.

With its 400 employees EMU is a renowned supplier of pumps and machinery equipment for the communal and industrial water supply as well as sewage disposal and treatment.

A network of contact persons in over 100 countries supports the worldwide sales of the products. The high technical standard of the products is not least proven by the certification of the company according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Products include: submersible motor pumps for drinking water supply, for industrial application and irrigation, drainage, circulation and booster stations.

Drainage pumps for use on construction sites, in industry, for disaster control and many other application possibilities.

Sewage motor pumps in wet or dry sump installation for pumping stations of the municipal or industrial sewerage system and for sewage disposal and treatment in sewage treatment plants.

Machinery equipment for sewage treatment plants: prefabricated pump sumps, cleaning equipment for storm water basins, submersible mixers, recirculation pumps and jet aerators.


VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pump selection software. With its product line Spaix, pump manufacturers will find a complete collection of pump selection software, web applications and data administration tools to cover multiple tasks with only one database.

Besides the software itself, the company offers a wide range of services, e.g. data input, interface programming, a phone and e-mail hotline, CD production and web services. With the pump search engine and pump industry news, VSX publishes globally on its web sites, which have varied free services.

References include the world’s largest pump producers, such as ITT Industries, EBARA, ABS and Wilo-Salmson, just to name a few.

Source: WILO SE

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