New Spaix Version Offers more Performance and Functionality

The latest Spaix version offers users a number of new features and improvements. With this release, VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE has integrated new functions for the optimal configuration and curve calculation of centrifugal pumps as well as for quote presentation.
New Spaix Version Offers more Performance and Functionality

The operating costs of pumps with combustion engines are analyzed taking into account the load profile and can even be compared with the electric drive. (Image: VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE GmbH)

"Our focus in developing the latest version of Spaix was once again on further improving the user experience," comments Managing Director, Hanns-Henrik Vogel, on the new launch. "A large number of customer requests have been implemented. This includes both the optimization of the program performance as well as a multitude of detail enhancements to the entire application. In addition to new functions, Release 2021 offers improved features that optimize the pump selection," the manager continues.

For electric motors, selection according to energy efficiency classes has become even easier. Users can now specify the desired efficiency class for the drive selection, regardless of the respective manufacturer or motor series.

The recently introduced function for sizing combustion engines (previously Spaix EngineSizer) is now included in the standard scope of the application. It is ideal for sizing units where no electrical connection is available or it may not be used for availability reasons. Possible applications thus range from construction site use to irrigation tasks in agriculture and fire protection systems. This functionality is indispensable for pumps that are available with different motor variants. The program automatically determines the best drive according to the operating conditions specified by the user. Of course, all the curve conversion methods common to Spaix, such as those for highly viscous fluids or the trimming of the impeller, are also available for these pumps. The speed range of the combustion engine is directly mapped in the pump performance curves to determine the actual duty point. The user can also specify a load profile to calculate the operating costs based on fuel consumption as well as the life cycle costs of the unit. Even a cost comparison between drive variants with an electric motor and a combustion engine is possible.

The standard scope of the program is extended by further useful and proven functions. In addition to the Spaix EngineSizer, the cable selection and the GeoLocation functions are worth mentioning.

The cable selection allows an extended selection for submersible motor and borehole pumps according to cable cross-sections and lengths for the current consumption given by the operating conditions. The calculation of the permissible cable length is based on the drive configuration and nominal voltage.

GeoLocation enables automatic region selection by determining the user location based on the client IP address. Various settings such as language, units and the availability of various program functions or the visibility of certain product groups can also be controlled for non-registered users via the determined region.

A new option for the curve display in Spaix 5 is the Akima-Spline curve type. It is available for all functions, such as H(Q), P(Q), NPSH(Q) and allows a representation of atypical curve shapes where the previous types have led to undesired deviations.

In the area of curve display, the extensions and improvements for Inducer should also be mentioned. The function enables a more flexible switching or recalculation of the NPSH performance curves depending on the selected configuration.

For a clearer presentation of quotes, the PDF files can now optionally be split into the pump items. This provides more flexibility in the output of data sheets. When the entire quotation documents are combined into one file, the interactive table of contents is helpful for navigating the document. The improved e-mail interface also increases the user convenience.

Thanks to the multiple change at project level, changed customer requirements can be applied to several pumps within a quotation. This facilitates work on larger projects in particular.

The cross-platform functionality of Spaix 5 has been further optimized. The standard scope of the Spaix 5 desktop version now includes the interface that can be used to directly retrieve a project from the database of the web and mobile version via a web service and save it in the local database. Moreover, the interface allows a local project to be saved in the database of the web version. This further extends the offline usage capabilities of the desktop version.

For standardized data exchange with third-party applications, the Spaix ProjectAdapter XML now also supports data export according to the ECLASS specification. ECLASS is a data standard for the classification of products and services using standardized ISO-compliant characteristics. This enables a digital exchange of product master data across industries, countries, languages or organizations.

In addition, numerous usability improvements have been implemented. For customized pump systems, the new Spaix 5 offers the functionality of adding or editing components or options that are not assigned to a configuration by default. The so-called "plus buttons" can be regulated via corresponding user group permissions.

Via new user authorizations, data loggers can release or block the available functions for different user groups even more flexibly. For example, an option has been added that determines whether users are allowed to apply the "Performance curve -> Display motor power rating limitation" option or not. In addition, the appearance of the application can be adapted more closely to the user groups. Numerous new options are now available for this, such as defining the teaser image and manufacturer logo, which can now be specified individually for each team.

In the add-on module for spare parts management (Spaix SpareSelector), numerous functions have been improved, especially with regard to data maintenance. For example, the item numbers can be determined from the DXF drawings automatically and matched with the parts lists. Furthermore, the import of spare parts data from external databases is also possible using the Spaix ImportFramework.

Many other customer requests were realized in the data maintenance program. For example, the digitizing of performance curves was revised and the process was optimized by various improvements. Likewise, the permission management functions have been completely revised and made clearer.

Spaix 5 version 2021 is available now and will again be provided free of charge to all customers with a maintenance contract.

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