Compact manifold base combines solenoid valves and vacuum ejectors

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There are always applications across industries that require both positive and negative pressure. In such cases, it was previously necessary to resort to two multiple connection plates. As a solution, SMC has therefore combined two proven products with the 5/2-way solenoid valves of the JSY series and the vacuum generators of the ZK2-A series as a new series "JSY and ZK2-A" on a single manifold base.
Compact manifold base combines solenoid valves and vacuum ejectors

The new "JSY and ZK2-A" series combines the established solenoid valves of the JSY series and the vacuum generators of the ZK2-A series on a single manifold block - with advantages such as space savings, low wiring effort and high communication capability. (Image source: SMC Germany GmbH)

Among other things, this makes the wiring much easier, improves the control through separate supply and discharge lines for the compressed air and convinces with a comprehensive fieldbus compatibility.

Whether for transporting workpieces or in complex shapes, for processes for manufacturing boxes or for actuating pneumatic drives and for vacuum suction: there are a number of applications across industries in which both valves and vacuum generators are used. This is accompanied, among other things, by a high level of wiring effort, long hose sections, high space requirements, pressure fluctuations and much more. In order to ensure a significant improvement here, the automation specialist SMC has developed the "JSY and ZK2-A" series. It combines 2-way solenoid valves (JSY series) and vacuum ejector (ZK2-A series) on a single manifold, reducing wiring and space, eliminating pressure fluctuations, and supporting various communication protocols, enabling comprehensive remote control and
- Monitoring of manufacturing processes.

The power lies in the combination
The new "JSY and ZK2-A" series brings two powerful and established solutions from SMC to one manifold: The 5/2-way solenoid valves of the JSY series and the vacuum generators of the ZK2-A series. This allows applications that require both positive and negative pressure to be controlled at one point. Because the wiring and the electrical connections run centrally, not only the installation time and the maintenance effort are reduced. The cycle times are also shorter thanks to the compact solution and the space requirement is reduced – the total length of the manifold is also shorter than that of individual sub-bases. At the same time, the inlet and outlet lines of the valves and vacuum generators are separate from one another, which avoids pressure fluctuations and unstable valve operation. Users benefit from lower wiring costs and connection time, more reliable operation and a small footprint, which pays off above all with mobile systems such as robots.

Powerful operation
While the space requirement is small, this does not apply to the performance of the "JSY and ZK2-A" series: There are a total of 32 outputs on the combined manifold base - 2 to 24 for valve stations and 1 to 8 for vacuum generators. The 5/2-way JSY series solenoid valves used can offer a high flow rate of up to 567 l/min, which reduces the overall process time and increases the overall system effectiveness. With a width of 10 mm and a weight of 54 to 67 g, they are also very compact and light and have protection class IP67. The efficient 2-stage vacuum generators of the ZK2-A series, which have a 2 x 2/2-way valve (ventilation/supply valve), achieve a suction capacity of up to 67 l/min and can create a vacuum of up to - generate 91 kPa. The operating pressure ranges are between 0.1 and 0.7 MPa for the valve and between 0.3 and 0.6 MPa for the vacuum generator.

Communication Champion
The fieldbus devices EX600, EX260, EX250, EX245 and EX120 can be used for the JSY series. This means that users have up to 15 compatible protocols at their disposal - including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, IO-Link and the wireless system from SMC. The highlight: since the vacuum generators of the ZK2-A series are integrated on the multiple connection plate, they can be connected to the same fieldbus systems. In this way, the serial interfaces of the JSY series can be used to simultaneously control the vacuum generator. This not only provides extensive options for remote control, but also a large amount of data for monitoring. This expands the options for extensive improvements in control and performance levels, facilitating compliance with quality standards and increasing machine availability. In addition, this also reduces the wiring effort, the installation and configuration time for modules and the network load
– all in all a clear cost advantage for users.

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