CFturbo 9.2 – A New Major Version Has Been Released to the Market


CFturbo Software & Engineering GmbH, German engineering company specialized in CAE-consulting and software development for Turbomachinery components, has released a new software version of its powerful and user-friendly Turbomachinery design software system CFturbo.

CFturbo 9.2 – A New Major Version Has Been Released to the Market

Mixed-flow pump with two vaned stators (Image: CFturbo Software & Engineering GmbH)

The new release CFturbo 9.2 can be used for conceptual design of radial and mixed-flow centrifugal pumps, fans, blowers, compressors and turbines, as well as vaned and un-vaned diffusers, return channels and volutes. Direct interfaces to all major standard CAD- and CFD-systems are available. The automation of CAE-workflows is supported for various related software packages or it can be customized on request.

Ongoing software development will include all new topics such as creating design capabilities for axial turbomachinery like axial fans, axial turbines, axial pumps and inducers.

Source: CFturbo GmbH

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