Bell & Gossett to Showcase New Line of HVAC Pumps


At AHR Expo Bell & Gossett unveiled a new line of double suction centrifugal pumps designed specifically for commercial HVAC systems. The highly versatile double suction pump simplifies the B&G portfolio.

Bell & Gossett to Showcase New Line of HVAC Pumps

ecocirc (Xylem Bell&Gossett)

“Increasing the overall efficiency of commercial buildings is a top priority for facility owners, architects and engineers in order to achieve sustainability goals and reduce costs,” said Rocio Echeverria, Vice President, Marketing, Americas Commercial Team, Xylem. “Through both product innovation and deep technological expertise, Bell & Gossett leads the industry in providing smart solutions for modern-day challenges facing our customers.”

The Bell & Gossett product showcase includes its expanded line of Electronically Commutated Permanent Magnet (ECM) motors, along with technologically advanced drives and controls.

“In new or retrofit commercial building HVAC systems, total system design is the key to maximizing efficiency,” Echeverria said. “By combining B&G’s expansive portfolio of pumps with advanced variable speed drives and ECM motors, hydronic systems can achieve greater efficiencies than ever before, saving thousands each year in energy costs.”

The Bell & Gossett booth also spotlighted the industry’s first smart multiphase circulator pump — the ecocirc XL 3-phase smart ECM large wet rotor circulator. The ecocirc XL 3-phase extends the advanced features of the energy-efficient ecocirc XL product line with models that have greater capacity to meet the high head/high flow pumping demands of larger systems.

“The broad range of performance characteristics available in the ecocirc XL 3-phase smart ECM large wet rotor circulator reduces the number and types of pumps required for typical building HVAC and plumbing installations,” Echeverria said. The ecocirc XL 3-phase smart ECM circulator automatically adjusts performance to match system demand, ensuring efficient operation and reducing energy use.

B&G product and solutions showcase

Additional highlights of the Xylem booth included B&G’s parallel sensorless technology, Temp-Setter Thermostatic Balance Valves and B&G’s highly efficient and Department of Energy-compliant e-Series portfolio, among other products.

  • PPS Parallel Pump System: The new B&G sensorless pump controller is an add-on device that coordinates the output of multiple pumps in parallel pumping configuration. The staging/destaging multipump configurations are created on the basis of efficiency, rather than capacity, thus allowing increased pumping efficiency. The “sensorless” configuration ensures reduced site installation costs, replacing a wired discharge pressure transducer (DPT).
  • Temp-Setter Thermostatic Balance Valves: The newest B&G valve offering maximizes potable water recirculation system energy efficiency and helps prevent the development of Legionella bacteria; features adjustable temperature-based balance valves 98°F – 149°F (or 36C – 65C) and available in ½” and ¾” models with optional manual or actuated thermal eradication bypass.
  • e-1510 with HYDROVAR: A special display features the B&G Series e-1510 pump, the highest efficiency base mounted end suction pump on the market today, with the HYDROVAR intelligent variable speed controller, to achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility in hydronic systems. Attendees can learn how to install and program the HYDROVAR kit to retrofit pumps already installed in the field.
  • ESP-Systemwize: Updates to ESP-Systemwize, the industry’s premier online selection tool that provides HVAC and plumbing system designers the ability to choose all system components within a single integrated tool. New features to the program make it easier to optimize pump selection, compare operating costs, calculate floor space and check selections against Department of Energy efficiency ratings.
  • Wastewater Package System: Designed for commercial sewage and effluent systems, the prepackaged wastewater system includes the basin, panel and pump. Systems are customizable to the application and designed to improve reliability and efficiency and eliminate downtime.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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