Aussie Pumps Supplies Titanium Pump to Solve Sewage Spill Challenge


Sydney Water’s new sewage collection station at Douglas Park, south west of Sydney, is emptied by tanker on a daily basis. The large spill containment pad ensures any corrosive sewage leaked during the transfer is collected in the sump pit.

Specifying a pump capable of handling this liquid was a challenge. MWH Global, the waste water consultants who designed the sewage collection station, selected a Tsurumi TM series titanium submersible pump for the drainage sump.

“Ferric chloride is added to sewage in the holding tank for odour control,” said Mark Rush from MWH Global. “As a result, the collection pit needed a pump that would handle corrosive liquids,” he said.

The TM series are particularly suitable for applications where corrosion is an issue. The stator housing is titanium whilst the pump casing, stand and motor cap components are all manufactured from FRP resin moulded material. Although the range was originally designed for seawater it has proved to be ideal for highly corrosive chemical applications in food and chemical plants.

The pumps are compact in design and are available in single or three phase motor drive. They range from pumps capable of 240 lpm flow right up to 350 lpm. Heads vary from 9 m to 15m.

The pump used in the Douglas Park station sump pit is a Tsurumi 50TM2.4S single phase submersible with flows to 290 lpm and a max head of 12m.

The TM series feature a vortex impeller made from glass-fibre reinforced resin. An anti-wicking cable gland prevents water incursion due to capillary wicking should the power cable be damaged or the end submerged.

A dual silicon carbide mechanical seal is protected in an oil chamber so neither seal face contacts the pumped liquid. This eliminates abrasion and facilitates cooling and lubrication of the seal faces.

The oil chamber incorporates a patented oil lifter that ensures lubrication even if the oil level in the chamber drops. This increases the time between routine pump maintenance.

Combined, these features result in lifecycle costs that are significantly lower than the industry standard. Tsurumi Pump supports their confidence in the product with a three year warranty.

The TM series are also available with floats for automatic operation. The float height can be pre-set and the automatic pumps offer a low cost control solution. Installation is simple as there is no external control panel or additional wiring required.

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