Armstrong Announces New Parts Kits for Wide Range of Pumps and Circulators

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced the availability of new Parts Kits for more than two dozen pumps and circulators. This includes all Design Envelope pumps (Permanent Magnet Motors, Intelligent Vertical Multistage and Intelligent Variable Speed) and select models of Fire Pumps and circulators.
Armstrong Announces New Parts Kits for Wide Range of Pumps and Circulators

Armstrong Announces New Parts Kits for Wide Range of Pumps & Circulators. (Image source: Armstrong Fluid Technology)

Consisting of engineered combinations of Armstrong genuine parts, the Parts Kits include all the replacement parts and related hardware required to complete specific service and maintenance tasks. Parts Kits are designed to make it easier for service contractors, service dealers, and parts providers to bring an asset back into service.

“Parts Kits make the entire service process easier and more cost-effective,” said Ramakrishnan Ashok - Global Manager, Parts Strategy and Engineering. “The customer is always assured of getting the correct items in the right size and right quantities. As a part of any maintenance task, all of the related wear parts should be replaced so the system is restored to its optimum performance. Parts Kits help owners ensure that maintenance work is thorough and complete.”

The benefits provided by Parts Kits include:

  • Faster response to service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Easy selection
  • More efficient inventory and storage

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