Andritz Statement: Hydropower Storage – Key to Grid Stability and Energy Supply Security

At the beginning of the year, the discussion on the storage strategy of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) is gaining momentum. We have been observing this growing global demand for hydropower storage projects for some time now.
Andritz Statement: Hydropower Storage – Key to Grid Stability and Energy Supply Security

Image source: Iberdrola, S.A.

ccording to the International Hydropower Association (IHA), a construction of up to 60 GWh is expected by 2030.

A recent article in the Financial Times illustrates how hydropower storage, worldwide, is the key to grid stability and energy supply security, making it a crucial pillar of the energy system.

An outstanding example is the Tamega hydropower storage complex in Portugal, developed by our client : Alto Tamega, Daivoes, and Gouvães. For Gouvães, the centerpiece of the project, we provide the technology and take pride in our contribution to the success of this project.

In Germany, we are involved in the expansion of the currently sole hydropower storage project, Forbach. Our country holds significant potential for the expansion of hydropower storage, which we should actively tap into.

With the storage strategy, we expect the regulatory framework regulatory framework to be optimized quickly, particularly regarding the approval processes, as well as targeted support for storage projects and legislative openness to all storage technologies. This is essential for the successful expansion of electricity storage in Germany, stable transmission grids, and emission-free energy supply.

ANDRITZ, as a global leading technology supplier for pumped storage systems, welcomes the discussion on storage strategy and actively contributes its expertise.

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