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12.06.2024: ANDRITZ to Equip New Hydropower Plant in Turkey

06.05.2024: ANDRITZ to Upgrade Cruachan Pumped Storage Power Plant in Scotland

25.01.2024: ANDRITZ to Supply Equipment for Major Pumped Storage Project in Greece

06.12.2023: ANDRITZ to Supply Equipment for “Green Battery” Ebensee in Austria

04.09.2023: Change in the ANDRITZ Executive Board

21.08.2023: ANDRITZ Receives Major Modernization Order for Jaguara Hydropower Plant, Brazil

09.08.2023: ANDRITZ Significantly Increases Revenue and Earnings in the First Half of 2023

08.05.2023: ANDRITZ Again Significantly Increases Revenue and Earnings in the First Quarter of 2023

12.04.2023: Changes in the ANDRITZ AG Executive Board

06.03.2023: ANDRITZ Receives Major Rehabilitation Order for Old Hickory Hydropower Plant, USA

09.01.2023: ANDRITZ Receives Contract for Luang Prabang Hydropower Plant

02.12.2022: ANDRITZ Expands its Range of C-Press Screw Presses for Efficient Dewatering

10.11.2022: ANDRITZ GROUP: Continued very Favorable Business Development in the 3rd Quarter of 2022

14.10.2022: ANDRITZ to Supply Electromechanical Equipment for the Gandhi Sagar Pumped Storage Project, India

19.09.2022: ANDRITZ Receives Contract for Ialy Hydropower Plant Extension Project, Vietnam

15.07.2022: ANDRITZ to Rehabilitate Kaplan Turbines of Ryburg-Schwörstadt Hydropower Plant in Switzerland

15.03.2022: ANDRITZ to Supply Hydro- and Electro-Mechanical Equipment for Upper Trishuli 1, Nepal

11.03.2022: ANDRITZ GROUP: Results for the 2021 Business Year

16.02.2022: ANDRITZ to Modernize Second Generating Unit at the Jebba Hydropower Plant in Nigeria

11.02.2022: ANDRITZ to Supply Effluent and Sludge Treatment Line to Holmen Iggesund Paperboard Ltd.

20.12.2021: ANDRITZ Supplies Electro- and Hydro-Mechanical Equipment to Malaysia

29.11.2021: ANDRITZ to Supply Complete Electro-Mechanical Equipment for the New Lower Kopili Hydropower Plant, India

26.10.2021: ANDRITZ to Supply Electro-Mechanical Equipment for the Robert S. Kerr Hydropower Plant, USA

05.08.2021: Complete Rehabilitation of Kopili Hydropower Station in India

22.04.2021: ANDRITZ to Rehabilitate the Hydraulic Passages at Canadian Generating Station

01.04.2021: ANDRITZ Wins 2021 System Integrator of the Year Award

10.03.2021: ANDRITZ GROUP to Present Results for the 2020 Business Year

01.03.2021: ANDRITZ to Supply Austria’s Most Modern Pumped Storage Power Plant

17.02.2021: ANDRITZ Receives Order from Canada

10.02.2021: ANDRITZ to Modernize the Jebba Hydropower Plant in Nigeria

22.12.2020: Electro-Mechanical Equipment for New Hydropower Plant in Senegal

30.11.2020: New Electro-Mechanical Equipment for Barkley Hydropower Plant, United States

14.10.2020: ANDRITZ to supply electro-mechanical equipment for the largest pumped storage plant in India

10.07.2020: Electromechanical Equipment for Kiru Hydropower Plant in India

28.05.2020: ANDRITZ presents flexible and individual solution for controlling pumps

20.09.2019: Andritz to Supply a Complete Reject Treatment and Sludge Handling System to Papierfabrik Palm

11.09.2019: Changes in the Andritz Executive Board

01.07.2019: Andritz to Supply Special Pumps for Water Infrastructure Project in China

17.05.2019: Andritz’s Energy-Efficient Pumps Secure Water Supply in Amman, Jordan

08.04.2019: Andritz Presents New Digitalization Platform and Digital Products

27.03.2019: Andritz to Refurbish and Modernize the Shivasamudram Hydropower Plant

21.03.2019: Andritz Group: Solid Business Development with Record Order Intake

15.02.2018: Andritz to Supply Irrigation Pumps for Egypt

04.12.2017: Andritz Group: Results for the Third Quarter of 2017

27.10.2017: Anderson Process Acquires American Controls, Inc.

28.09.2017: Andritz to Supply Irrigation Pumps to India

18.09.2017: Andritz to Supply Pump Turbines for the World’s Largest Pumped Storage Power Station

06.09.2017: Andritz Group Announces Results for the First Half of 2017

01.09.2017: Andritz to Supply a Sludge Handling System to Monalisa Co. Ltd., South Korea

06.03.2017: Andritz to Supply Water Turbines and Generators for the New Hydropower Plant on the River Mur in Graz

09.11.2015: Andritz Hydro To Supply Eleven Split-Case Pumps For The Water Supply Of Hohhot

27.08.2015: Andritz Ritz to Supply Pumps and Booster Stations for a Drinking Water Treatment Plant in Iraq

10.06.2015: Andritz to Overhaul 14 Large-scale Pumps for Water Supply of Hong Kong

03.03.2015: Equipment for the World’s First Tidal Lagoon Hydropower Project

21.11.2014: Andritz to Supply Tidal Current Turbines to MeyGen, Scotland

24.09.2014: Andritz AG: Changes in the Executive Board

06.06.2014: Andritz Group: Results for the First Quarter of 2014

28.04.2014: The new Andritz C-Press: Efficient Sludge Dewatering with High Performance and Low Operating Costs

11.04.2014: Andritz Annual General Meeting Elects Monika Kircher and Ralf Dieter As Members of the Supervisory Board

19.03.2014: Andritz Group: Results for the 2013 Business Year

30.01.2014: Andritz Hydro Receives Order to Upgrade Four Kaplan Turbine Units

03.12.2013: Andritz: Results for the Third Quarter of 2013

02.10.2013: Andritz to Supply Generators For New Upper Kaleköy Hydropower Station

26.06.2013: Andritz to Modernize Innertkirchen 1 and Handeck 2 Hydropower Stations

14.06.2013: Andritz Modernizes Austria’s Oldest Hydropower Plant

15.02.2013: Andritz to Supply Equipment for the Muskrat Falls Hydropower Plant

23.03.2012: Andritz Receives Order for Rehabilitation of Inga 2 Hydropower Plant in DR Congo

05.09.2011: Submersible Motor Pumps Meet the World’s Most Stringent Certification Standards

03.11.2010: Andritz Acquires Ritz Pumpenfabrik