Afriso Introduces HWSC Domestic Water System Centre


The new Afriso HWSC domestic water system centre is a complete solution for the distribution of drinking water. It combines all functions of conventional drinking water distribution systems in a small unit that is easy to integrate into equipment rooms, cellars or utility rooms.

Afriso Introduces HWSC Domestic Water System Centre

HWSC domestic water system centre (Image: Afriso)

The base version of the system consists of a backflow preventer, filter combination with fine filter and pressure reducer, drain unit for connection to the wastewater system, three supply outlets, safety valve and all function components. The filter combination features an innovative backwashing system with rotating impeller which ensures thorough cleaning of the fine filter and low water consumption. The filter keeps dirt particles from reaching the domestic water installation to protect against malfunctions.

The pressure reducer reduces the inlet pressure to an even system pressure to protect the installation.

The individual components are DVGW-certified or comply with the DVGW regulations. A drilling template and hanger bolts allow for precise adjustment of the domestic water system centre to the wall and enable easy horizontal and vertical alignment and fast mounting. The assembly is contained in a form-fit insulation for easy access and operation. The transparent front door allows for checking the system pressure and the safety valves and provides easy access to start backwashing. The insulation accommodates four supply outlets; any additional outlets are mounted outside the insulation. Due to the modular design and the defined connections, it is easy to fit extensions with an automatic backwashing unit, a water softening system, a refill combination for filling heating systems or a sampling valve.

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