ABEL Delivers HMQ Pumps to South France

In February 2021, ABEL received an order from a city in the south of France for the supply of two HMQ pumps (HMQ= Hydraulic Membrane Quadruplex Pumps). These pumps are needed to convey wastewater from the pumping station to the wastewater treatment plant 6 km away. The pumps used so far are out of date and will be replaced by the two ABEL pumps.
ABEL Delivers HMQ Pumps to South France

ABEL HMQ Pump (Image source: ABEL GmbH)

In this project ABEL supports the customer with its new remote monitoring system "Smart Pump Assistant". The intelligent algorithms of the "Smart Pump Assistant" constantly analyze the decisive condition parameters of the pumps and inform the customer in good time about upcoming maintenances. In this way, possible malfunctions of the pumps can be avoided.

HMQ pumps are quadruple-acting piston diaphragm pumps that are used in high conveying ranges of up to 450 m3/h. For example, they are used in the wastewater industry for sludge transport or as a feeding pump for filter press loading.

Source: ABEL GmbH

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