ABEL Receives Order to Supply Five Solids Handling Pumps

The pump manufacturer ABEL from northern Germany received an order from the Wasserverband Eifel Rur (WVER) to supply five slurry pumps. The pumps are required to convey dewatered sewage sludge.
ABEL Receives Order to Supply Five Solids Handling Pumps

ABEL Solids Handling Pump. (Image source: ABEL GmbH)

Wasserverband Eifel Rur is a well-known water and soil association within Germany. Among other things, WVER operates 43 sewage treatment plants in Northwestern Germany and in the border area of Netherlands and Belgium.

Up to 135 million m³ of wastewater are treated annually in the WVER's wastewater treatment plants. This volume corresponds to the wastewater consumption of around 1.1 million people.

One of these wastewater treatment plants is located in Niederzier close to Düren. The five solids handling pumps are part of the rehabilitation of the centrifuge lines at the wastewater treatment plant.

Three of five pumps will be used to transfer dewatered sludge from the centrifuges to a dryer respectively a sludge stacking tank. The other pumps transfer the dried sludge to the incineration plant.

The strength of ABELs solids handling pumps become apparent when highly abrasive, pasty and stab-resistant media, such as dewatered sewage sludge, must be reliably conveyed at high pressure. The pumps can operate in a range of up to 200 m³/h at pressures of up to 160 bar, so that they are suitable for a wide range of pumped media.

Along with the actual pump unit (consisting of sludge, hydraulic main and valve cylinders) an ABEL SH solids handling pump comprises a total of four components: the actual pump, the hydraulic drive unit, a screw feeder to fill the product cylinder and a control cabinet with PLC.

ABEL solids handling pumps have also proven their worth in applications around the world. For example, the SH pumps were successfully used in a Latin American mine to transfer thickened tailings during the backfilling process.

Source: ABEL GmbH

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