Defined as the flow (volume of fluid per unit of time) delivered by the pump through its discharge port.

The flow rate for the duty point of a pump is determined from the application, for example for heating systems from the heat requirement calculation or for wastewater systems from statistical parameters for the maximum expected wastewater volume. National and international standards exist for many applications.

The performance curves of a centrifugal pump (e.g. head, power consumption, efficiency) are given as a function of the flow.

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System Curve

The system H-Q curve is essentially a parabolic curve representing the relation between the head (pressure) required to handle the respective rate of flow within a pipe system.

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Pump Selection

Centrifugal pumps should be selected such that the specified System Duty Point is located on or as near as possible to the point of maximum efficiency (Pump Duty Point) of the max. speed H/Q-curve.

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