QED Environmental Systems, Inc.

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MI 48130 Dexter
Component manufacturer

30.08.2023: Q.E.D. Highlights the Xact Count Pneumatic Pump Cycle Counter

22.05.2023: Q.E.D Environmental Systems Announces Eliminator High Capacity Bladder Pump

18.01.2023: Q.E.D Environmental Systems Highlights the En Core Sampler for Airtight Soil Sample Collection and Sealing

28.10.2022: Q.E.D. Environmental Systems Highlights AutoPump Ultra 4+ Aggressive Fluid Duty

23.05.2022: Innovative Stabilizer LFG Well Caps from QED Environmental Systems

12.04.2022: Q.E.D. Environmental Systems Highlights Well Wizard ST1000 Groundwater Sampling Pump

10.11.2021: Q.E.D. Announces Ultra Xtreme Pump for Extreme Landfill Conditions

10.09.2021: Precision Liquid Level Reader for Gas Well Applications

12.08.2021: Q.E.D Announces Upgrades to ORP215M-R Precision Orifice Plate Wellhead

26.11.2020: Q.E.D. Highlights Pumps for Aggressive Pumping Applications

12.10.2020: QED Environmental Systems Highlights High-Clearance AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System

18.06.2020: Q.E.D. Highlights Green-Line High-Performance Jacketed Tubing

18.05.2020: Q.E.D. Environmental Systems Highlights the AP4 Ultra AutoPump System for Landfill and Remediation Pumping

15.08.2019: QED Highlights EZR Tray Air Stripper for Removing VOCs from Contaminated Groundwater and Waste Streams

15.03.2019: QED Environmental Systems Releases New Electric Sampling Pump

11.01.2019: Q.E.D. Environmental Systems Announces Mark Weinberger Appointed President

01.11.2018: New SlimJim Lightweight Pump Systems from QED Environmental Systems

13.08.2018: QED Environmental Systems Announces Landtec Biomethane 3000 Fixed Analyzer

26.07.2018: QED Adds the Snap Sampler to Its Line of Ground Water Sampling Products

16.01.2018: QED Environmental Systems Groundwater Sampling Pump Tested PFC-Free

05.01.2018: The Benefits of In-House Machining in Environmental Equipment Manufacturing

19.12.2017: QED Environmental Systems Announces Power Pro ESP Electric Sampling Pump

06.11.2017: Unseen but Crucial: The Importance of Monitoring Gas Levels

04.09.2017: QED Environmental Systems Launches Autopump Ultra 4.5 for Landfill Applications

25.08.2017: QED Environmental Systems Launches TopDrive Piston Pump