Paul Bungartz GmbH & Co. KG

Düsseldorfer Str. 79
40545 Düsseldorf
Pump manufacturer

Paul BUNGARTZ GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist supplier of dry-running centrifugal pumps. The family business has its offices in Düsseldorf, and manufactures pumps to order using series-produced components. Decades of experience and continuous ongoing development ensure requirement-specific design of the pumps and the shaft seal. Customer satisfaction is the top priority. Tailored to the respective application, the BUNGARTZ advises, develops and manufactures the custom pumps for use worldwide. In doing so, customers appreciate the high level of flexibility, operating safety and reliability. With an excellent bottom line in terms of energy efficiency, long service intervals and extremely long service lives, the pumps remain a good investment in the long term.

Problem solvers

The safe to run dry special centrifugal pumps are famous for being real problem solvers. They are used wherever conventional pumps reach their limits. Whether having to deal with poor feed conditions or problematic pumping media, these specialists in difficult application areas have won themselves an firm position e.g. in

– the fertiliser industry 
– the chemical and petrochemical industries – geothermal energy 
– power plant engineering 
– salt mines

Three pillars that guarantee success:

  1. Sealing technology
    Almost all Bungartz pumps combine the hydraulic shaft seal as a primary seal with a downstream secondary seal (stuffing box, mechanical seal or magnetic drive).
  2. Special physics
    The self-regulating behaviour of the centrifugal pump is therefore named V-AN (AN stands for abnormal). The pump control automatically adjusts to changing feed rates. Their NPSH value is zero, meaning that it works without cavitation, even if the vapour pressure in the suction container is reached.
  3. Materials
    The range of materials is almost inexhaustible. It ranges from castable and weldable stainless steel grades and special alloys such as titanium or zirconium right through to grey cast iron.
    Main applications areas
    for horizontal and vertical pumps:
    – boiling liquids – liquids with solid components – gas-laden media
– fluctuating flow rates
– toxic media – residual emptying
– tanker truck unloading
– toxic media
– ATEX Zone 0 (vertical design, complete container emptying)