Xylem Wins 2021 Global Water Award for Orly Drinking Water Plant Modernization

Xylem has received the Water Project of the Year award for the rebuilding, expansion and modernization of one of the largest potable water treatment plant of the local authority in Paris area (Eau de Paris).

Established in 2006 by Global Water Intelligence, the Global Water Awards are presented each year at the Global Water Summit, to recognize the most important achievements in the international water industry. The Water Project of the Year award honors the project that shows the greatest innovation in terms of optimizing its physical and environmental footprint.

The project involves the upgrade and extension of the Orly Drinking Water production Plant, which accounts for an average of 25 percent of the water supply in the area, and is one of the largest drinking water treatment plants of the local authority 'Eau de Paris' in the Paris region.

The project includes the construction of a new processing line with a capacity of 150,000 m3/d, in order to eliminate micropollutants thanks to the Carboplus process developed by Stereau, thus providing drinking water of exemplary quality, while improving energy consumption and modernizing equipment and processes.

The expansion and modernization of the Orly Drinking Water Plant, which began in 2018, enabled the implementation of a collaboration between Xylem and Stéreau, a subsidiary of the Saur Group responsible for designing the treatment process, the supply, installation and commissioning of equipment. The actual commissioning of the plant is scheduled for mid-2022.

Xylem and Stereau worked together to:

  • Create a new raw water pumping station,
  • Implement an ozonation oxidation step by optimizing the mixing and destruction of ozone,
  • Optimize disinfection using UV technology.

Bringing a significant reduction in energy and chemical consumption, the solution provided is a unique combination of premium Xylem technology from water transport, water treatment, water analysis, and a tailor-made control & monitoring system, including: 3 large submersible pumps (Model Flygt 3501), new Wedeco ozone distribution technology, and UV systems.

'The entire Xylem team is proud and thankful for this international award, recognizing our commitment to bringing more efficiency in water industry, in order to serve water preservation' said Jean-Christophe Hostachy, Director Water Treatment Europe Central Region & Large Projects Department France. 'Xylem took on a comprehensive and pivotal role in delivering the upgrade to the Orly drinking water plant, from providing proprietary treatment and analytics technologies to pumping systems, enabling the efficient delivery of a fully integrated treatment solution producing drinking water to an excellent standard.'

Source: Xylem Inc.

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