Xylem Launches New, Modular, Micro Controllers for Water and Wastewater Operations


Xylem continues to develop its monitoring and control portfolio of solutions with the launch of two new micro controllers. Flygt MyConnect and Flygt MyConnect Wall enable customers to supervise and control water or wastewater operations easily and efficiently.

Xylem Flygt MyConnect is a cost-effective controller that functions as a remote terminal unit (RTU) ideally suited to controlling between one and four pumps. The unit can be built into an existing electrical control panel and enables operators to easily monitor operations and control the energy consumption of a water or wastewater facility. A MyConnect app which Xylem has developed for both iOS and android smartphones, allows customers to monitor operations remotely. An internal modem and standardised input/output communication (I/O) means the controller is very compact. In addition, MyConnect includes built-in programmes that are simple and quick to configure with standard functions and features for water and wastewater applications.

Encased in a weather proof container Xylem’s Flygt MyConnect Wall controller can be located outdoors and is therefore suitable for monitoring water or wastewater treatment operations which are more usually outdoor facilities. As well as a built-in modem this model also features a sump cleaning function.

Lars Larsson, marketing manager for monitoring and control technology with Xylem said, “Both of these micro-controllers enable customers to supervise pump operations, log data and events and manage the energy consumption of their operations. The smartphone app that is available for Flygt MyConnect means it is an extremely user-friendly piece of technology, making monitoring and measurement of operations easier than ever. The weatherproof Flygt MyConnect Wall can be located directly beside pumping or treatment operations which is very convenient for operators.”

Both controllers are easy to configure and set up and are modular in design which allows other controllers to be easily added to expand the monitoring system.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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