Xylem Introduces the Lowara GHV Booster Set


The Lowara GHV series from Xylem is a fully automatic variable speed booster set ideal for supplying water to industrial, commercial and residential applications, from office buildings and hotels through to irrigation systems.

The Lowara booster set utilises the latest technology to ensure water is delivered at the correct pressure or flow demanded by the application. The pumping system, available in one to eight units, is equipped with end suction pumps and the highest efficiency vertical multistage e-SV pumps. The e-SV range can transfer liquids in excess 80oC, whilst delivering head of up to 160 meters with a delivery of up to 640 m3/h.

The pumps are connected, by means of stop and check valves, to manifolds manufactured using 316mm stainless steel. All of this is then mounted on a steel frame to keep installation quick and simple, with stainless steel frames available on request.

The Lowara GHV series operates in conjunction with the Xylem Hydrovar pump controller, capable of delivering up to 70 per cent savings on energy bills. The Hydrovar system will communicate electronically to ensure that the amount of water used does not exceed the demand, unlike a traditional fixed speed system which will use a continual amount of motor power, regardless of the demand. The pump motors used in the system comply with IE2 legislation as standard, but also meet IE3 requirements when operated with the Hydrovar.

Stefano Pitto, Packaged Systems Product Manager at Xylem AWS EMEA, comments: “At Xylem we take our position as a world leader in water technology very seriously and we constantly strive to provide our customers with high quality products which perform effectively and reliably. The Lowara GHV series can meet the exact flow and pressure requirements across a range of applications and the use of the Xylem Hydrovar helps to end users to achieve significant cost savings.”

End users can benefit from a host of features including dry run protection, low noise, small plant room footprints, no large pressure vessels, soft start, no hydraulic shock, auto change over, fault history, protection against under/over voltage, backflow protection through the use of a Cat 5 break tank type A/ B air gap and, most importantly, a timed delay fill mode which ensures the pumping system does not flood the building on start up during a power failure due to the hydraulic surge.

In addition, the Lowara booster set was recently granted Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval, and now meets all strict bylaw regulations set out by UK water companies, helping to demonstrate compliance and is therefore accepted by every water supplier in the UK.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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