Wilo: Together for More Climate Protection

Electricity plays a fundamental role in the development of the sub-Saharan Africa region: water treatment, cooling chains, electricity, internet - and all of it seamlessly and securely. The social enterprise Africa GreenTec is now taking a big step in this direction by introducing so-called ImpactSites.
Wilo: Together for More Climate Protection

ImpactSites aim to improve people's lives through sustainable electricity and clean drinking water. (Image source: Africa GreenTec)

They are holistic concepts aimed at improving people's productivity and living conditions through sustainable, solar energy-based power generation. The project is supported technologically and financially by the company Wilo and the Wilo Foundation.

In addition to providing innovative technical solutions, the Wilo Group is contributing to the project costs with a sum of €30,000. "Together with our international network partners, we are driving forward future-oriented, climate-friendly solutions. Our benchmark here are the sustainability goals defined by the United Nations. By signing the UN Global Compact in 2018, we as the Wilo Group have underlined our commitment towards contributing to the international sustainability goals. The project in Senegal is a visible expression of this ambition," emphasises Oliver Hermes, President and CEO of the Wilo Group. In 2019, the technology specialist was selected by the United Nations to be part of the exclusive global network "50 Sustainable & Climate Leaders". "We are responding to a world full of complex and multi-layered challenges in several ways - both with product innovations and with our active engagement in cooperations and networks. Because one thing is clear to us: together you can achieve and change much more than alone," says Georg Weber, CTO of Wilo.

Wilo & Africa GreenTec: Pragmatic solutions with a system
The secure supply of energy and clean drinking water is one of the major global challenges of our time, especially in the 49 countries of sub-Saharan Africa. As part of its explicit sustainability strategy, the Wilo Group is committed to the goal of providing 100 million people with access to clean water by 2025.
In cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Senegalese government, the community of N'Diob in central Senegal, and with scientific support from the Technical University of Munich, the technology specialist Wilo is sponsoring the project of the German social enterprise Africa GreenTec together with the Wilo Foundation. "We are pleased to act alongside experienced partners and proven experts in order to make a concrete contribution to the well-being of the people in the region. The BMZ has established a conceptual umbrella for the sustainable development of the population with the Marshall Plan for Africa. Through cooperation with partners who are already established locally, such as Africa GreenTec, we offer pragmatic solutions and will thus contribute to improving people's living conditions, creating prospects and thus also eliminating the causes of forced migration," Kay Hoffmann, Director H2 & Business Development Africa at Wilo, is convinced.

N'diob: Senegalese community with a green vision
The community of N'diob is a pilot project for the future realisation of so-called ImpactSites in Senegal. Here, entire village communities in rural regions are supplied with electricity and equipped with modern technologies, ensuring access to clean drinking water, among other things. The entire community also has a green vision, led by its mayor and environmental activist Oumar Ba: N'diob wants to become a self-sufficient organic agricultural community independent of imports. The basis for this is energy solutions from renewable sources and sustainable partners to build the associated value chains.

Wilo Foundation supports social entrepreneurship project with major donation
The implementation of the project is also made possible by a major donation of €150,000 from the Wilo Foundation. In terms of content, the Wilo Foundation focuses on dealing with the environment, climate protection and, particularly, water as a resource. Furthermore, true to its funding motto 'empowering young people', the foundation is concerned about youth and the improvement of their educational situation and living conditions. "The aspiration and sustainable approach of this multi-faceted social entrepreneurship project fits in well with our orientation and the fundamental values that are reflected in the life principles of the Opländer family of founders as well as in the corporate culture of Wilo," says Evi Hoch, Executive Board member of the Wilo Foundation, summarising the foundation's commitment.

Source: WILO SE

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