Wilo Salmson Smartens up Pump Installation


Wilo Salmson is launching a new automatic domestic circulator called Wilo-Smart, which can be used in virtually all domestic heating systems and, unlike many competing domestic circulators, is extremely easy to install. Featuring many of the benefits associated with an electronic circulator the Wilo-Smart pump is suitable for both new and replacement applications.

The new Wilo circulator incorporates a patented automatic dejamming system, which enables it to free dirt and minor debris, thereby improving operating reliability and minimising the need for installers to attend calls for jammed pumps.

Wilo-Smart is a UK standard size pump - 130mm port to port which incorporates flats near the inlet and outlet ports allowing the unit to be held firm with a spanner while the unions are tightened. With quick fit connectors for easy wiring of live, neutral and earth connections, the new circulator is also designed to be simple to set up an easy to understand switch on the terminal box.

With a wide performance range, the Wilo circulator is capable of operating at a high flow rate of 2.75m/h, at a maximum head of 6 metres. Offering flexible and reliable operation, the new Wilo-Smart circulator also provides energy savings as it is designed to adjust performance automatically to meet the varying system demands caused by TRV's and winter/summer requirements. Mark Sowden, Marketing Manager at Wilo Salmson explains, "Our new Wilo-Smart circulator really is easy to install, being designed so that it's as simple as ABC! The pump has also been designed to simplify the process of specification as it can be used in virtually any domestic heating system. The new Wilo-Smart domestic circulator is the ideal choice for any domestic heating application."

Source: WILO SE

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