Watson-Marlow Launches WMArchitect Single-Use Solutions for Fluid Systems

The flexible, single-use solutions range has been developed by building on years of experience including the predecessor brands of puresu and asepticsu, and is designed to streamline a biopharmaceutical company’s process, safeguard its product and reduce its regulatory burden.
Watson-Marlow Launches WMArchitect Single-Use Solutions for Fluid Systems

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions launches WMArchitect single-use solutions to optimise biopharmaceutical fluid management (Image source: Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions)

WMArchitect is a new end-to-end, single-use fluid path management solution consisting of:

  • Customised designs (to meet a company’s specific requirements; the open architecture model allows full flexibility and compatibility with existing fluid-contact materials used in a company’s bioprocess)
  • Single-use fluid transfer assemblies (which are ready-to-use, pre-designed assemblies, all with lot traceable tubing and components, which optimise fluid transfer between equipment and process steps)
  • Fill/finish single-use assemblies (to safeguard therapeutic products during the filling process with a wide range of sterility-assured assembly configurations)
  • Validation testing (specialists from WMFTS support users of WMArchitect with bioprocessing expertise and tailored validation packages to help reduce a company’s regulatory burden)

Nicole Hunter, Head of Global WMArchitect, said: “By listening to the evolving needs of our biopharmaceutical customers, we have created WMArchitect to provide an expert solution that supports them in mitigating their regulatory and supply chain risks.

WMFTS understands that often, off-the-shelf products are merely a starting point. We customise our standard products to provide a complete and tested solution from a single supplier that is tailored to meet a company’s specific requirements.

WMArchitect is ideal for high purity biopharmaceutical process development, clinical trials and small to large scale production batches.

We recognise that the most critical component for maximising performance is where the tubing meets the pump. Our assembly solutions are designed synergistically with our best-in-class Watson-Marlow peristaltic pump technologies and filling solutions. With quality built-in, our complete solutions ensure reliable, repeatable performance for your most sensitive processes.”

All WMArchitect single-use solutions are manufactured, pre-assembled and packaged at WMFTS’ global network of state-of-the-art Class 7 cleanrooms. The WMFTS global supply network provides uninterrupted supply security and robust lead times. By partnering with WMArchitect, biopharmaceutical companies can be confident that supply will keep pace as their business grows.

To ensure the single-use technology comes ready to use, and meets the requirements set by current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) guidelines, lot traceability of each component can be made available as part of a detailed documentation.

For an end-to-end fluid management solution from a single supplier, WMArchitect can be used in combination with BioPure components, Watson-Marlow and Flexicon peristaltic pump technologies and filling solutions.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) will be showcasing the new recently launched WMArchitect single-use solutions at this year's ACHEMA.

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