Streamlining Winery Operations with the Certa Compact Positive Displacement Pump from MasoSine

Labor shortages caused by the pandemic, exacerbated by high housing costs and made worse by wildfires, have posed challenges for California vineyards. Crush Fabrication & Mechanical (Crush Fab) has emerged as a crucial ally to the winery industry, offering innovations that help mitigate these challenges and enhance efficiency and product quality.
Streamlining Winery Operations with the Certa Compact Positive Displacement Pump from MasoSine

Streamlining Winery Operations with the Certa Compact Positive Displacement Pump from MasoSine (Image source: Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions)

The Certa Compact positive displacement pump from MasoSine is proving to be an especially effective solution, providing wineries with a highly efficient and versatile pump that saves on labor.

Crush Fab is gaining national recognition for pioneering winery automation solutions. Crush Fab specializes in automating “pump over,” a traditionally labor-intensive process of frequently circulating liquid to ensure even fermentation and avoid the growth of undesirable bacteria that could negatively affect the wine's quality and flavor.

Need for an Efficient and Portable Positive Displacement Pump

Pumps are essential in every stage of winery operations to keep operations flowing. Instead of requiring multiple specialized pumps, Crush Fab’s customers look for pumping technology that can multitask without compromising performance in any specific application.

"Our customers want a single pump that does it all and does it well," says Crush Fab’s Chris Price. "This is especially true for small wineries operating with constrained capital budgets and limited space. They need a high performing, affordable, versatile and portable positive displacement pump, and we found the ideal solution in the Certa Compact Sine pump from MasoSine, Watson-Marlow."

Sinusoidal Pump Technology

A single sinusoidal rotor creates four evenly sized chambers as it rotates. Fluid is “pulled” through the inlet into each chamber in turn. As the chamber rotates, it closes, and then discharges fluid through the outlet port. At the same time, the opposite chamber opens to draw in more fluid, resulting in a smooth flow with virtually no pulsation. A gate functions as a seal between the inlet and outlet sides of the pump, thus preventing pressure equalization and stopping fluid escaping from the higher-pressure outlet to the low-pressure inlet. Notably, the chambers are moved as a whole, meaning their volume does not change during the pumping process and the product is not subject to any significant mechanical load. As a result, product integrity is maintained as it moves gently from inlet to the outlet.

Smooth and Efficient Must Application Pumping

Crush Fab previously achieved outstanding results using standard-size Certa Sine® pumps in must pumping applications in conjunction with its specially designed hopper/auger assembly to receive fruit directly from the destemmer.

“Significant efficiency gains are realized through streamlined fruit reception, with our customers typically reducing harvest fruit unloading time by a third compared to other pump types,” adds Price.

“Previously 10-12 hour days have been shortened to 6-8 hours due to quicker fruit unloading and reduced pump cleaning time.

“The main issue with other pumping methods is that they are overly aggressive in extracting liquid from the hopper/auger assembly, leading to blockages from the remaining solids and necessitating frequent reversal of the pumping process to clear obstructions.”

High Performance in a Compact Pump

MasoSine, part of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions, provides energy efficient, gentle sinusoidal, positive displacement pumps for food and beverage, biopharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics applications. MasoSine recently expanded its Certa Sine pump range with a new space-saving model, the Certa Compact. In response, Crush Fab developed a portable cart-mounted system tailored for wineries. The Certa Compact boasts a 30% reduced footprint compared to the existing Certa Sine pump range, all while maintaining the full-size pump’s integrity. It is well-suited for applications that demand up to 87 PSI, while the traditional Certa pump has capabilities up to 217 PSI.

"The Certa Compact is an excellent must pump that can be easily uncoupled for use in any other part of the winery," says Price. "It provides exceptional performance wherever it is deployed. The low shear, gentle-pumping and virtually no pulsation means smooth product flow and no need for ancillary dampeners."

Long Lasting Sterility, Performance and Appearance

The Certa Compact is made of 316L stainless steel, which is a significant improvement over cast iron pumps that are widely used in the wine industry. The resistance to corrosion and oxidation ensures that the pump sustains its sterility, performance, and appearance over time, even in the demanding, moisture-rich environments of wineries. The pump is designed for CIP (Clean-in-Place) and SIP (Steam-in-Place) without disassembly, saving time and reducing labor costs.

Furthermore, the stainless-steel construction contributes significantly to the pump’s visual appeal. As wineries often double as tourist attractions, the presentation of the machinery can impact the overall visitor experience.

The Certa Compact's sleek, metallic finish not only aligns with the premium and sophisticated image many wineries aim to project, but it also reassures visitors of the establishment's commitment to quality and hygiene.

The Certa Compact positive displacement pump is a versatile, portable, and efficient solution that delivers an ideal blend of performance, durability, and aesthetics, which makes it suitable for wineries of all sizes.

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