Vogelsang Presents a New Generation of the XRipper Twin-Shaft Grinder


The Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH presents new products for the waste management industry and wastewater area

Vogelsang Presents a New Generation of the XRipper Twin-Shaft Grinder

The XRipper XRC for Image 4: The XRipper XRC with SIK wastewater channels (Image: Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH)

"In the operation of sewage treatment plants and channels, coarse matter often clogs the pumps, pipes and fittings and thus disrupts operating processes. The new generation of our twin-shaft shredder XRipper reliably reduces these to an unproblematic size. The foreign-matter resistance and ease of service and maintenance of the extended model range of the IQ series rotary lobe pumps as well as the CC series progressive cavity pumps ensure smooth wastewater pumping," says Harald Vogelsang, managing director of Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH.

The new XRipper sending channel monsters on their way

Among other things, the new housing geometry of the optimized XRipper generation achieves significantly higher throughput rates. These can be further increased with an optional feature. The results are reduced investment and operating costs. In addition, the new XRipper models shred even better and more evenly.

The proven, monolithic ripper rotors allow the XRipper to reliably shred stubborn coarse matter preventing blockages where conventional cutting discs may block or even damage. Replacing the ripper rotors is quick and easy.

XRipper XRC (XRipper for Channels)

Furthermore, Vogelsang has expanded the model range of the XRipper XRC. Effective immediately, the new XRC-100 series provides extremely compact units. Due to their small dimensions, they can be installed in even the narrowest channels (from 300 mm wide). The XRipper XRC thus reliably prevents downstream pumps and valves from getting clogged. The optimized Sewer Integration Kit (SIK) makes it easy for the XRipper to be flexibly installed in open channels or in front of intakes in shafts with slanted or round walls.

XRipper XRP (XRipper for Pipelines)

The XRipper XRP has the optimal type of construction for inline installation in sewage pipelines and other confined spaces, such as a duct (installation in the pipe from 406 mm deep). For maintenance, gearboxes together with shafts and ripper rotors can be lifted out of the housing and easily serviced within confined spaces. The easily accessible ripper rotors and cartridge seals allow quick and easy parts replacement.

Rotary lobe pump from the IQ series: Larger series for higher outputs

Due to the high market demand, Vogelsang is introducing a larger range of the IQ series at IFAT. This larger series reaches capacities of up to 154 cbm/h and pressures up to 7 bar. The number of essential spare parts has been reduced by half for the IQ series, significantly cutting the time it takes to replace wear parts. As the pump chamber can be dismounted in just a few easy steps, the pumping elements are easy to reach for servicing and maintenance work. When any of the wear parts have to be replaced from the pump chamber to the seal, the pump remains firmly screwed in the pipeline.

The integrated liquid buffer and the InjectionSystem prevent foreign matter damage and dry running of the pump and at the same time increase their suction capacity. Variable connections make assembly easier and are suitable for all common installation situations.

CC series – the progressive cavity pump with the SERVICEplus

For the first time, Vogelsang introduces the progressive cavity pump CC (CavityComfort) for the wastewater area. "Compared to conventional progressive cavity pumps, we reduce space requirements and the time required for service or maintenance work by up to 50 percent," explains Vogelsang. "There is no need to dismount pipes or individually remove a large number of parts. You can simply exchange the entire rotating unit or just the rotor and stator with a new unit. Additionally, the mechanical seal can be replaced without opening the pump.

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