Ultromat Three-Chamber Continuous Flow Systems


With corresponding design modifications, ProMinent has standardised its Ultromat AT, AF and ATF polymer preparation and continuous flow systems. The use of identical components optimises production and spare parts stock-keeping.

Ultromat Three-Chamber Continuous Flow Systems

Ultromat® ATF polymer preparation system with Y-feed and three integrated chambers for powder and liquid flocculants

As part of the standardisation, the Ultromat AF polymer preparation system has been equipped with an additional chamber in the tank.

Ultromat series polymer preparation and metering systems from Prominent are used in the preparation of ready-to-use solutions of synthetic polyelectrolytes. The systems are used to prepare flocculants both from solid as well as from liquid concentrates and to produce ready-to-use polymer solutions in concentrations ranging from 0.05 to 0.5 percent.

Subdividing the tank into individual chambers effectively prevents intermixing of the solution in the tank.

In line with the design modification, the take-off pipes in the AF, AT and ATF Ultromat machines have been integrated in the tank, thus providing reliable protection against damage. Corresponding to customer requirements, Series AT and ATF systems can be equipped with a Y-feed or a feed funnel. Thanks to the standardisation and virtually identical design layout, common components can be used such as one-size agitators for all three Ultromat variants. This makes it possible to organise the production process more effectively and reduce the required number of spare parts to a minimum.

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