Top Marks For Reliability from TopGear Pumps


When reliability is the priority for your process or manufacturing application, where you need to transfer both thin and thick liquids, the choice of pump is crucial. Understandably, the focus of pump users is not the pump itself, rather it’s ability to provide smooth, uninterrupted production and at a lower cost.

To meet this demand JOHNSON PUMP has introduced its range of TopGear pumps to provide the highest levels of reliability and long life with capacities from 0.5 m3/h up to 125 m3/h at pressures up to 20 bar. The range of pumps is divided into three main ranges; the L-range for low viscosity, high efficiency, the G – range for general purpose liquids transfer and the H – range for more demanding applications.

A key feature of TopGear pumps is the improved design of the integral gear section with an optimised teeth profile to ensure smooth and efficient flows for either free-flowing or highly viscous media. The pump’s simple, yet effective operating principle starts with the rotor and idler un-meshing, creating an under-pressure with the liquid entering the newly created cavities. Liquid is transported in sealed pockets to the discharge side of the pump. The walls of the pump casing and the crescent create a seal that separates suction from the discharge side. Finally, the rotor and idler mesh and liquid is pushed into the discharge line.

Other features and benefits of the TopGear H and G models include improved priming and low NPSHr with maximized ports and ports above the centerline, optimum efficiency with axial rotor locking, adjustable clearances and hydraulic design.

Less downtime and minimal maintenance is assured thanks to the front and back pull-out panels and the simple cartridge design, while long life is assured with the pumps compact rotor, strong shafts and maximized bearing design.

The L range offers high volumetric efficiency thanks to small radial and axial clearances ensuring reduced slip plus optimized rotor and gear shape. Long service life is assured by large bearings diameters, rotors machined in one piece from steel bar and hardened interior parts while less downtime is achieved with the pumps and motors flanged to pedestals providing correct alignment between the pump and drive shaft.

A range of options are offered which enable the pumps to meet specific application requirements. For example; packed gland, single and double mechanical, lip and cartridge seals, heating and cooling jackets and single and double safety relief valves. TopGear pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications including petrochemicals, chemicals, paint and ink, resins and adhesives, pulp and paper and also food processing.

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