New Vice President Membrane Solutions for MANN+HUMMEL – Marco Nava to succeed Walter Lamparter

The MANN+HUMMEL Management Board announces that, effective April 2020, Marco Nava, has been appointed new Vice President Membrane Solutions with MANN+HUMMEL and Managing Director of the Global Membrane and Module Specialist MICRODYN-NADIR which has been part of the MANN+HUMMEL Group since 2014.
New Vice President Membrane Solutions for MANN+HUMMEL – Marco Nava to succeed Walter Lamparter

Marco Nava, Vice President Membrane Solutions MANN+HUMMEL (since April 2020) (Image source: MANN+HUMMEL GmbH)

In his new role, he successes Walter Lamparter, who has been CEO of the MICRODYN-NADIR Group since 2005.

Marco Nava has been part of the MANN+HUMMEL Group since 2018 and has grown our Italian Water Business with great success ever since. In his previous role, he has served as Managing Director for MICRODYN-NADIR Italy since the company’s 2018 acquisition of OLTREMARE SPA, where he previously served as Chief Executive Officer. Under his guidance, OLTREMARE was established as Europe’s leading private-label reverse osmosis spiral-wound membrane manufacturer. In addition to his role with MICRODYN-NADIR, Marco serves as CEO for a number of specialty corporations.

“We are delighted to win Marco for this new role, managing our global Water business at MANN+HUMMEL. We are convinced, he will bring great value with his decades of experience and large network within the membrane business”, said Fua Nipah, President & General Manager Life Sciences & Environment of MANN+HUMMEL.

MICRODYN-NADIR’s Walter Lamparter to become external advisor

Walter Lamparter, CEO of the MANN+HUMMEL company MICRODYN-NADIR, declared his desire to transition to an external advisor role where he could consult with the company while pursuing other interests outside of MANN+HUMMEL. He joined the MANN+HUMMEL group with the acquisition of MICRODYN-NADIR in 2014. Beginning April 2020, Walter Lamparter will continue to cooperate closely with the company and will support the MANN+HUMMEL Life Sciences & Environment team with his valuable expertise.

“I would like to thank Walter Lamparter for his great commitment. He was responsible for the significant growth of the MICRODYN-NADIR business and helped MANN+HUMMEL to further develop water and membrane solutions. We regret his departure, but are delighted to continue to benefit from his expertise in the future,” Fua Nipah said

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