Ebsray Celebrates 75 Years in the Pump Industry

Ebsray, a brand of PSG, a Dover company is proud to announce that it is observing its 75-year anniversary.
Ebsray Celebrates 75 Years in the Pump Industry


The story of Ebsray spans decades – all beginning in Sydney, Australia – when Vivian Richard Ebsary started a toolmaking and precision-engineering company. Initially providing spare parts for internal gear pumps, the company quickly transitioned into manufacturing complete pump units with unique technical requirements to satisfy local demand. Soon, the company became a reputable manufacturer and expanded across Australia and into the European market. In 2013, Ebsray became part of PSG – and now reaches over 160 countries worldwide.

“We’re excited to be celebrating 75 years in the pump industry at Ebsray,” said Joe Hashem, General Manager of PSG Australia. “Ebsray is a company founded on providing the highest level of customer service. Through our 75-year history, we have committed to pursuing this philosophy, developing a company-wide culture of Service to the Customer that includes service through industry experience, service through reliable supply, ongoing support, and service through dedication to customers. This commitment to service has made Ebsray one of the market leaders in our industry.”

At its headquarters in Cromer, Australia, Ebsray designs and manufactures a full range of pump technologies, including regenerative turbine, rotary vane, internal gear, helical gear, lobe and other equipment. The company’s vast experience in the industrial pumping market, coupled with engineering expertise acquired over the past 75 years, has enabled Ebsray to become a market leader in innovative pump design for “niche” industrial applications for a variety of industries – chemical, paint and coatings, food and beverage, petroleum liquids, pulp and paper, mining and municipal and utility services.

Most notably, Ebsray is recognized worldwide for developing state-of-the-art regenerative turbine pumps designed to safely, reliably and efficiently dispense Autogas. These regenerative turbine pumps – available in the RC Series and RX Series (submersible turbine pumps) and the HiFlow Series – are designed for low-flow, low-viscosity liquids, such as Autogas, propane and butane. Available in various configurations and speeds, these pumps are known for their quiet, smooth and vibration-free operation; simple design; and easy installation and maintenance.

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