Taco Introduces SmartPlus Hot Water Recirculation


Designed for systems with dedicated hot water return lines, Taco’s SmartPlus circulator performs efficient domestic hot water recirculation.

Taco Introduces SmartPlus Hot Water Recirculation

SmartPlus Circulator (Image: Taco)

When set to “smart” mode, the SmartPlus circulator records each time hot water is called for during a seven day period and then duplicates the pattern for the following week. The SmartPlus can also be set to “pulse” mode – operating for 150 seconds every ten minutes, maintaining hot water at all fixtures.

In either mode, the circulator automatically shifts to “vacation” mode if hot water isn’t used for 36 hours. In this mode, water is circulated once a week to prevent corrosion and scale buildup. When hot water is again called for, the unit shifts back to normal operation.

SmartPlus is available in a range of sizes and system connection options to meet a range of residential and light commercial needs. Available in bronze or stainless steel, with an optional internal flow check (IFC).

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