Successful Commissioning of two HMD Pumps in France

Recently, two ABEL HMD pumps were commissioned at a customer in Normandy specializing in recycling and soil reclamation. The pumps serve as a filter press feed pumps at a maximum flow rate of 80 m³/h - 12 bar.
Successful Commissioning of two HMD Pumps in France

Successful Commissioning of two HMD Pumps in France. (Image source: ABEL GmbH)

The pumps are equipped with ABEL's "Smart Pump Assistant" monitoring system. Due to remote access, it delivers complete information on the “health condition” of the pumps at any time as well as detailed visualization of operational parameters and alerts on exceeding parameters. This IoT solution ("Internet of Things") allows the customer to optimize the intensive use of its ABEL HMD diaphragm pumps and improves efficiency.


Source: ABEL GmbH

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