Students at Plant in Strzelin, Poland, Discover ITT Technology


ITT Group Lowara Vogel Polska plant in Poland have recently proved their intention to focus on development and opportunities for the future, by inviting an entire class of students from the Technical Institute in Strzelin, a town 40 minutes from Wroclaw (Breslavia).

Students at Plant in Strzelin, Poland, Discover ITT Technology

Students at Plant in Strzelin, Poland

In May the Polish students experienced a close-up view of the problems faced by production – notoriously quite different from what is presented in their textbooks. The students were given the chance to enrich their newly gained knowledge and learn about new technologies routinely used by ITT, which shows ITT´s commitment as a company to constantly apply Lean processes (system set for all waste elimination involving the entire organization) for continuous improvement in quality and efficiency.

This specific project was a result of cooperation between the Director of the Strzelin Technical Institute and ITT´s Polish Human Resources Manager; "Further opportunities to hold technical electromechanical sessions for the application of the basic philosophy studied in class and its implementation in the field, at a company such as ours that adopts the latest technologies, are currently being explored."

Once again, the ITT multinational Group, through its Polish plant, has been able to integrate local needs and requirements which have resulted in respect for its brand.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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