Ruhrverband uses shredding solution from Vogelsang in large sewer

After two years of joint development work, Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG handed over the XRipper XRG186 twin-shaft wastewater grinder to the Ruhrverband.
Ruhrverband uses shredding solution from Vogelsang in large sewer

The XRipper XRG186 during installation in the inlet of the pumping station in Witten. (Image source: Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG) :

The modified shredding solution is now being used in the inlet of the pumping station in Witten and is intended to ensure that the wastewater can be pumped without disruption to the sewage treatment plant in Bochum, located about three kilometers away. Torsten Burhorst, Team Leader Research & Development Shredding Technology at Vogelsang says, “First-hand user knowledge from the Ruhrverband and our technical expertise have flowed into the new model. As a result, the twin-shaft grinder is even bigger and more powerful.”

Shredding disruptive matter
The XRipper XRG186 is designed for use in large sewers with high flow rates and a high proportion of disruptive matter. It shreds trash in wastewater such as wet wipes and cleaning cloths in an energy-efficient way. The wastewater grinder is equipped with a new variant of the so-called High Capacity Units. These consist of a rotating perforated screen drum. While the water passes through the grinder largely unhindered, High Capacity Units stop the disruptive matter and continuously convey it to the center of the grinder where it is shredded by the Ripper rotors. This prevents blockages and clogging in downstream pumps and in the sewage system. Dirk Burghardt, Group Leader Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance Management of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the Ruhrverband says, “The pumping station in Witten is our most demanding site. A large amount of disruptive matter such as wet wipes often leads to interruptions in operation – an absolute hardship. We have had good experience with the wastewater grinder in recent months. Therefore, we are confident that the new technology will ensure smooth operation in the future.”

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