As the Middle East’s only exhibition specialized in pumps, valves, pipes and compressors industries, PVPCEXPO 2014 offers an unique and effective business and networking platform for Middle East and International professionals in these industries.

PVPCEXPO 2014 will be held from 15th to 17th of December 2014 in Sharjah where is the main industrial city in the UAE, there will be near 300 exhibitors from the UAE, China, India, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Iran, Oman, Kuwait and other 10 countries present their latest products and solutions in pumps, valves, pipes and compressors industries. More than 6000 professional visitors from the UAE, Iran, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other 20 countries will attend this show. Along with increasing market demand in pumps, valves, pipes and compressors industries of the Middle East, the business potential in these industries is so huge. Based on booming market and organizer’s rich exhibition organizing experience, undoubtedly, PVPCEXPO 2014 will be a “must” for these industries players to exchange ideas and develop their business in the UAE and the Middle East.


  1. The only international exhibition specialized in pumps, valves, pipes and compressors industries of the Middle East.
  2. Face to face invitation for potential Purchasers from Buyers data and at least 100 buyers’ information will be sent

    to exhibitors 20 days before the exhibition.

  3. Each exhibitor can submit 5 companies, which they most want to meet 2 months before opening of the exhibition and PVPC organizing committee will take in charge of invitation.
  4. Import needed-- Strong-demanded and booming market for pumps, valves, pipes and compressors industries in the UAE.

Exhibits Profile

Pump:Vacuum Pump, Oil Pump, Sewage Pump,Pipeline Pump, Heat Pump, Liquid Pump, Dredging pump,Piston Pump, Plunger Pump, Diaphragm Pump, Axial Flow Pump, Gear Pump, Screw Pump, Vane Pump, Rotor Pump, Jet Pump, Chemical Pump, Lift Pump.

Valve:Oil and Gas Valve, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Bottom Valve, Control Valve, Throttle Valve, Regulating Valve, Safety Valve, Energy Valve,

Pump & Valve Accessory:Seal Electric Motor, Adhesives Spectrometer, Coating Pump Casing, Welding Testing Equipment, Liner CNC Machine Tools

Pipeline:Multiple Tube, Plastic Pipe, Cement Pipe, Metal Pipe, Casing Elbow Bend Stone, Pipeline Machinery, Raw material, Flange and Seal Products

Compressor:Air Compressor, Processing Compressor, Special Compressor, Parts and Components of Compressor, Post processing Equipment, Lubricants and Related Equipment and Vacuum Technology

Organized by

CEW Group is the leading international exhibition organizer for oil, gas, pump, valve, pipe exhibitions, which is established in 2005. It aims to be a world-class professional diversity enterprise focuses in exhibition, business services, media resources and brand strategy & PR fields. It succeeded in organizing more than 1000 enterprises to participate in more than 100 international exhibitions which are in oil, gas, pump, valve and pipe industries. It enjoys excellent rules and guidance of exhibition management and operation, ability of shouldering civil responsibility and exhibitor attraction as well as the service system of planning, designing, organizing, managing and construction personnel. It is a professional team with rich exhibition organizing experience.

Picture: PVPC Expo 2014

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