Priming System Arrives Ahead of Time for Council


Dynapumps recently supplied an automatic Pump Priming System for the Balonne Shire Council, 500 kilometres west of Brisbane. From start to completion, the project was monitored constantly to ensure the delivery was on schedule as requested by the Council.

The estimated time of arrival was early January 2017, however Dynapumps not only beat the estimated time but had the pump system delivered two weeks earlier in mid-December 2016.

This would not have been possible if it weren’t for the skillful and time efficient staff at the Melbourne branch, who were active throughout the project process. The reservoir was fabricated for this specific application from drawings and designs provided by our Vacuum Specialist, Robert Barbour. The automatic pump priming system consisted of the following:

Dynapumps Dry Claw mechanism vacuum pump:

  • Model: VCX60

  • Type: Multi-stage contactless and oil-free turbine

  • Nominal pumping capacity: 60 m³/hr

  • Ultimate vacuum -85kPa

  • Supplied with 3 phase 1.1 kW motor

  • Fitted with inlet strainers,

  • Vacuum Non return valve

  • Sound level 61dB(A)

Vacuum receiver:

  • 200 litres storage volume in Stainless Steel construction

  • Shell 1800 L x 460 DIA

  • Feet with bolt holes for free standing (horizontal configuration)

  • Inlet, drain, vent, inspection and spare ports

  • High [water] level alarm switch

Control panel, to control one suction pump:

  • DOL starter with overload

  • Manual - off- auto mode switches

  • Hour run meter

  • Pump status indicating lights: green - run, red – fault

  • High [water] level alarm light and volt=free contacts

  • Steel box enclosure

  • Wired and tested at our manufacturing site

All interconnecting pipe work, fitting & assembly including:

  • Vacuum pump mounted on top of horizontal Vacuum receiver

  • 2 x ball valves

  • 1 x Check valves

  • Assembly of pump, electrical control panel, vacuum switches, vacuum gauge into system

One ‘Q’ priming valve unit:

  • Model: QV-38P2

  • Type: Mechanical Float type

  • Epoxy Finished cast iron construction

The Balonne Shire Council were pleased with the professionalism and quality pump system provided by the experienced team at Dynapumps.

Source: Dynapumps

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