Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG Announces Preliminary Fiscal Year 2022 Results

According to preliminary numbers, Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG achieved record sales results for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022 and preliminary operating results lower than previously expected.
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG Announces Preliminary Fiscal Year 2022 Results

Image source: Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG

Group sales for the fiscal year 2022 increased by 18.8 % to EUR 916.7 million (fiscal year 2021: EUR 771.4 million; previous guidance: around EUR 900 million), marking it the strongest annual group sales performance in Pfeiffer Vacuum’s history. Throughout the fiscal year 2022, the sales development in the Semiconductor and Emerging Technologies market segment was especially dynamic with sales of EUR 471.1 million and a growth of 19.8 % (fiscal year 2021: EUR 393.2 million). In addition, sales in the Analytics, Industry and R&D market segment grew considerably by 17.8 % to EUR 445.6 million compared to the previous year (fiscal year 2021: EUR 378.2 million).

The preliminary fiscal year 2022 operating result (EBIT) amounted to EUR 119.4 million and increased by 28.2 % compared to the previous year period (fiscal year 2021: EUR 93.1 million). Accordingly, the EBIT margin reached 13.0 % (fiscal year 2021: 12.1 %). The fiscal year 2022 EBIT margin is thus below the expected margin of around 14 % communicated in the previous guidance, primarily due to inventory adjustments, maintenance costs and higher IT operational expenses which occurred at year end as well as valuation of investments to increase the medium-term production capacity in Korea.

The order intake in fiscal year 2022 was EUR 1,103.2 million, a record level for Pfeiffer Vacuum, and an increase of 14.4 % from the previous year (fiscal year 2021: EUR 964.3 million). The increase is related to the strong demand in both market segments. The order backlog at the end of December 2022 was at EUR 502.7 million (December 31, 2021: EUR 316.2 million). The book-to-bill ratio, the ratio of order intake to sales, was at a very good level of 1.20 in the twelve months of 2022 (2021: 1.25) and at 0.95 in the fourth quarter 2022 (Q4 2021: 1.39).

Pfeiffer Vacuum will announce detailed results for fiscal year 2022 on March 21, 2023.

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