High-Power Turbopump for Integration into Portable and Mobile Applications

The new HiPace 10 Neo turbopump from Pfeiffer Vacuum is a compact vacuum pump which is ideal for portable and mobile analysis applications. With its Pfeiffer Vacuum Laser Balancing technology, the HiPace 10 Neo offers minimal noise and low vibration levels.
High-Power Turbopump for Integration into Portable and Mobile Applications

Smallest Hybrid-Bearing High-Power Turbopump HiPace 10 Neo (Image source: Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH)

Alexander Kreuter, Product Manager at Pfeiffer Vacuum: “As one of the leading suppliers of vacuum technology, we are proud to present the upgrade of the smallest turbopump. The purely mechanical bearing which incorporates oil-lubricated ceramic ball bearings makes the HiPace 10 Neo extremely reliable, even under difficult conditions encountered in transport or due to vibrations during operation. It can withstand even rapid movements or falls.”

With the special Pfeiffer Vacuum accessory interface, AccessLink, which recognizes accessories automatically, the system can be up and running quickly in just a few steps.

The HiPace 10 Neo combines compactness, drive efficiency and intelligence. It thus makes a further contribution to the sustainability of the turbopump portfolio. For example, the more compact design and the associated material savings mean that a significant proportion of CO2 can be saved. By using intelligent sensor technology, the pump is always operated with the lowest energy input. Thanks to the intelligent control system, the pumps can be interconnected without great effort, so that backing pumps and turbopumps interact with each other. In this way, a complex, IoT-capable vacuum system can be realized in just a few easy steps.

The HiPace 10 Neo operates with a new high-performance lubricant. Its improved aging resistance, optimized lubrication behavior and high temperature resistance guarantee safety and reliability. The HiPace 10 Neo pumps run maintenance-free for up to 5 years.

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