Outstanding Reliability with CombiChem Pumps


Outstanding reliability, easy and low-cost maintenance plus a wide choice of materials of construction are among the key features of the CombiChem range of horizontal centrifugal pumps, available through JP Pumps (a division of Johnson Pump AB).

CombiChem pumps, which fully comply with ISO 5199, are ideally suited to handling low viscosity, clean or slightly contaminated fluids in the chemical and process industries.

The pumps offer a maximum capacity of 500 m3/hour, heads up to 160 metres, a working pressure up to 16 bar and the ability to pump fluids with a maximum temperature of 200°C.

The Johnson Pump Combi-system is a modular programme of single stage centrifugal pumps offering users a high degree of interchangeability of parts between the different pump constructions. In addition, a wide choice of body materials such as cast iron, bronze and stainless steel, a variety of shaft sealings and bearing construction options, ensures a versatile and reliable pump suitable for a wide range general industry applications.

Other features and benefits of CombiChem pumps include; optimum suction capabilities with minimal flow distortion, a large drain opening to enable fast draining of the casing, an optmised volute design with closed impeller and smooth surfaces ensuring high efficiency and minimal internal losses.

A choice of 4 mechanical DIN-seal options are offered, with sealing rings and elastomers in several possible combinations along with 3 possible gland packing options. This makes CombiChem pumps suitable for operation in many applications and capable of handling a wide range of liquids and at high temperatures.

Finally, easy and low cost maintenance is assured thanks to features such as the back pull-out design for quick and easy impeller replacement and the easy to disassemble pump cover for shorter downtime and extended pump life.

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