Norit Launches New Water Treatment Innovations at Aquatech India


Norit exclusively launched new standard-setting water treatment innovations to the astonished international water market during Aquatech India in New Delhi.

“After the exhibition kick-off we immediately experienced a great interest in our water solutions portfolio”, says Jürgen von Hollen, Managing Director at Norit X-Flow. “The booth was well-attended and the quality of visitors was excellent. India has attracted all the global Water Technology companies, due to its market size and its unique challenges of the growing water demand coupled with its water scarcity. This validates for us that it was the right move to launch our new water treatment innovations on this particular occasion in India. But equally important is the growing recognition of the Indian industry, municipality and even the residential end-user that economical, sustainable and considerate use of India’s water resources is essential. Technologically advanced water purification solutions are required in India and Norit has the innovative products to meet and even exceed these demands.

The innovative next generation Norit AquaflexTM system was well received by the global audience in India. It excels with an approximate 75 percent performance improvement – an unmatched performance and efficiency ratio in the industry. It offers breakthrough opportunities for municipalities and industries in India and around the world to safeguard their current and future potable and process water requirements. The system is the first Efficient Performance Technology (EPT) compliant product. The EPT Mark of Excellence was recently introduced by Norit to emphasize its Clean process Technology strategy. After the launch, the Design Head of one of the largest water treatment projects companies in India and one of Norit’s preferred OEM’s said: “We have been long time users of Norit XIGATM and AquaflexTM in all our reuse projects in the oil refineries in India and it is such a pleasant surprise to see Norit X-Flow pushing their own benchmark even higher. The entire Indian industry for water treatment & wastewater reuse will welcome this opportunity to meet the challenges of larger capacities with even better efficiencies but over smaller footprints”. On the sidelines of the show, this partner immediately had an enquiry for the new generation Norit AquaflexTM as they were quite excited to incorporate it into the largest refinery wastewater reuse project ever in India that they are currently working on.

The new Norit Megablock, which is based on the proprietary Norit AirliftTM Membrane BioReactor (MBR) technology and which is another EPT compliant purification system for full-scale wastewater plants, was presented to the eyes of the water market for the very first time. The compact-modular pre-engineered membrane filtration unit offers the industry’s most optimal “output to footprint” ratio, reduced financial and environmental footprints, and minimized design and on-site Construction time.

For more than 25 years Norit has been actively serving and supporting the Indian water market with expertise and groundbreaking solutions. With its highly innovative membrane technology and the successful local Norit India Sales and Service Office in place, Norit’s business and accessibility to clients in India has seen a major boost over the last three years. Norit is already at the forefront when it comes to helping Indian municipalities and industries at large to reduce

their water footprints in a sustainable manner and in 2010 this success is further expected to be carried over into the areas of domestic water purification & decentralized water systems for rural welfare.

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