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04.03.2024: The IFAT Munich Event Program Sets New Standards in 2024

03.05.2023: International IFAT Trade Fair Network set to help Brazil Tackle Major Water and Waste Problems

23.02.2023: Singapore International Water Week and Messe München Join Hands in a Long-Term Partnership

16.02.2023: Spotlight on sustainable technologies at bauma CONEXPO INDIA

03.11.2022: bauma 2022 Prominently Features Industry’s Power to Innovate and Exceeds Expectations

12.10.2022: IFAT India 2022: Wide Spectrum of Technologies for Water and Waste Management

15.08.2022: bauma 2022: Supporting Program with Info Highlights

09.06.2022: IFAT Munich 2022: A Strong Restart for Climate Protection

17.03.2022: bauma Innovation Award 2022

21.01.2022: Construction and Mining Machinery Industry Getting Ready for bauma 2022

14.01.2022: Messe München sees 2022 as a Year of Economic Upswing

04.11.2021: IFAT Eurasia 2021: Environmental Issues High on the Agenda Despite COVID-19

22.10.2021: The Industry is Looking Forward to bauma 2022

08.10.2021: IFAT Eurasia 2021: Environmental Industry to Meet in Istanbul

24.06.2021: bauma CTT RUSSIA Sends Positive Signal to the Network

20.05.2021: bauma CTT RUSSIA 2021 to Start as Planned

23.04.2021: bauma to be Postponed to October 2022

12.04.2021: bauma CONEXPO AFRICA Cancelled

10.02.2021: IFAT Africa Postponed to November 2021

21.01.2021: IFAT Eurasia 2021 postponed to October 21–23

03.12.2020: Bauma China Gives Confidence and Hope to the Entire Industry

06.11.2020: IFAT India to digitally connect environmental industry—and with other industries

04.11.2020: More than 2,800 exhibitors to participate in bauma CHINA

20.07.2020: bauma CHINA 2020 Will Take Place As Planned

23.04.2020: IFAT 2020 is canceled — next IFAT: May 30 to June 3, 2022

13.03.2020: IFAT is postponed—new date September 7-11, 2020

28.10.2019: IFAT India 2019: Reflecting the Thriving Spirit of the Indian Environmental Technology Industry

20.09.2019: IFAT India to Enter Seventh Round

22.08.2019: Messe Muenchen Shanghai mit neuem Management-Team

26.07.2019: IFAT India 2019: Seawater Desalination -Technology with a Promising Future

18.07.2019: Final Report IFAT Africa 2019: Approaching Southern Africa’s Environmental Challenges with Enthusiasm

21.06.2019: Exhibitors Emphasize High Importance of bauma CTT RUSSIA 2019

14.06.2019: IFAT Africa 2019: Industrial Water Treatment – A Special Environmental Challenge

06.06.2019: IFAT to Export Future Platform to India

16.04.2019: Record bauma Attracts More Than 620,000 Visitors

08.04.2019: IFAT Eurasia 2019 Closes with Strong International Participation

03.04.2019: bauma 2019 in Munich at the Ready

20.03.2019: IFAT Eurasia’s Supporting Programme

01.02.2019: Visitor Registration for IFAT Eurasia 2019 Now Open

13.12.2018: IFAT Africa 2019: Tailor-made Solutions for Africa’s Waste Management

06.12.2018: From 2019: IFAT with Three Events in China

26.10.2018: IFAT India 2018: Indian Environmental Market in Motion

05.10.2018: IFAT India 2018 to Enter Sixth Round with New Forums, Topics and Partners

30.08.2018: IFAT India: Industrial Wastewater Management Industry in India is Booming

30.07.2018: IFAT India 2018 to feature first Buyer Seller Forum

28.06.2018: IFAT Africa and the Water Institute of Southern Africa Enter into a Partnership

01.06.2018: Record-Setting IFAT: Environmental Technologies Booming

14.05.2018: IFAT Eurasia 2019: Turkey initiates Zero Waste Project

09.05.2018: From Beer to Natural Resources

27.04.2018: IFAT 2018’s Supporting Program to Address Topics of the Future

12.04.2018: Analytica Lab Africa, Food & Drink Technology Africa and IFAT Africa to Use a Colocation

26.03.2018: IFAT 2018: Environmental Technologies for the Construction Industry

12.03.2018: IFAT 2018: The Food and Beverage Industry as Promising Playground for Environmental Technology

07.03.2018: IFAT India 2018: On the Pulse of the Industry

21.02.2018: IFAT 2018: From Well Construction to Phosphorus Recovery

16.02.2018: IFAT 2018: Preview of Novelties in Waste, Recycling and Municipal Technologies

19.01.2018: Gala Evening Prior to IFAT 2018: GreenTec Awards Finalists have been Confirmed

10.01.2018: IFAT 2018 to Spotlight Sustainable Road Construction

20.12.2017: IFAT 2018 with New Future Platform “”

30.11.2017: IFAT Strategically Partners up with Waste Expo Brasil 2018

15.11.2017: IFAT 2018: Water Sector Follows the Digitalization Trend

03.11.2017: IFAT 2018: New Recycling Legislation Brings New Impetus to the Market

18.10.2017: IFAT India 2017: Top Marks on its Fifth Anniversary

04.10.2017: Second IFAT Africa Sets New Standards

28.09.2017: Fenasan and IFAT Agree to a Partnership

20.09.2017: IFAT India 2017: Highlights from the Supporting Program

13.09.2017: IFAT Africa Grows Internationally

31.07.2017: IFAT India 2017: Focus on Air Pollution Control

17.07.2017: IFAT Eurasia 4,000 Trees for Climate Protection

22.06.2017: IFAT India 2017: More Wastewater Treatment Plants for a Cleaner Ganges

08.06.2017: Positive Signs for IFAT Africa 2017

02.06.2017: IFAT India 2017 and Think Tank TERI Start a Cooperation

09.03.2017: IFAT Eurasia 2017 Strengthens its Position as Eurasia’s Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies

01.03.2017: New Exhibition Layout for IFAT

17.02.2017: IFAT Africa 2017: Finding Ways Out of the Water Crisis

15.02.2017: IFAT Eurasia 2017 Covers More Space

19.01.2017: IFAT Eurasia 2017 with Top Supporting Program

08.12.2016: IFAT Eurasia: Billion Euro Investments for Better Environmental Standards in Turkey

19.10.2016: Fourth Edition of IFAT India Sets New Records

14.09.2016: IFAT India 2016 Expands its Supporting Program

22.08.2016: Second edition of IFAT Eurasia – Big International Players in the Line-Up for the Start

04.08.2016: IFAT Africa Strengthens Networking with the Environment Sector

27.07.2016: IFAT India 2016 Focusing on Sustainable Use of Waste for India

20.06.2016: DVGW and Messe München Agree a Strategic Cooperation on IFAT

08.06.2016: Anniversary IFAT Sets New Benchmark

25.05.2016: 50 years of IFAT

19.05.2016: IFAT India 2016 Promotes Young Talent

27.04.2016: Live Demonstrations During IFAT

15.04.2016: Entering the Final Round

06.04.2016: IFAT s Traditionally Strong Supporting Program

22.03.2016: Istanbul to be the new venue for IFAT Eurasia

25.02.2016: Optimized Membrane Filtration and New Ideas for Sludge

12.02.2016: IFAT Environmental Technology Forum Africa Renamed IFAT Africa

14.12.2015: Wastewater as an Energy Source

04.11.2015: Recycling The Focus of IFAT

22.10.2015: IFAT India 2015 Promotes India’s Environmental Upswing

30.09.2015: IFAT Environmental Technology Forum Africa – Strong Performance on a New Continent

18.09.2015: IFAT India Enters the Next Round

14.09.2015: Full Details of the Supporting Program of IFAT in Johannesburg Now Published

07.08.2015: Solutions Related to Industrial Water

25.06.2015: Expanding Market for Pumps in India

05.06.2015: IFAT — International Interest Stronger Than Ever

22.05.2015: Exhibition Area at Ifat Environmental Technology Forum Africa in Johannesburg Extends to Qutdoors

30.04.2015: Messe München and IFAT Cooperate on the GreenTec Awards

28.04.2015: New Hub for Turkish Environmental Technology Industry

01.04.2015: Live Demonstrations at IFAT India 2015

03.03.2015: First IFAT Eurasia in Ankara Is Fully Booked

28.01.2015: IFAT Environmental Technology Forum: Treatment Technology for South African Mine Water

11.12.2014: IFAT Eurasia: New Springboard to Up-and-coming Markets

27.10.2014: IFAT India Concluded Successfully

17.10.2014: Starting Signal for the Next IFAT

08.10.2014: Second IFAT India: Broader International Spectrum Among Exhibitors

02.10.2014: Positive Response to Launch of IFAT Eurasia

27.08.2014: IFAT Environmental Technology Forum Africa

08.08.2014: German Ambassador to Present Media Award at Ifat India

23.05.2014: IFAT India 2014: Battling the Water Crisis

21.05.2014: Long-term Cooperations with ACWUA and THW

19.05.2014: IFAT Closing Report: Superlative Show in Munich

16.05.2014: IFAT India Lines Up for Its Second Edition

14.05.2014: GreenTec Awards 2014: Winners Announced

09.05.2014: Club of Rome Wins IFAT Environmental Leadership Award

24.04.2014: Products and Solutions for Environmental Markets Around the World

09.04.2014: Highlights in the Events Program at IFAT

02.04.2014: IFAT: Nominees in the GreenTec Awards Announced

12.03.2014: The Forums in the Events Program at IFAT

07.03.2014: IFAT India Lines Up for Its Second Edition

13.01.2014: Ifat 2014 is Fully Booked

07.11.2013: First IFAT India Excites the Market

04.11.2013: IFAT: Hidden Energy Potential in Waste Materials

21.10.2013: New Partner for IFAT: BDSV Organizes Special Display

01.10.2013: IFAT India: Exhibitor Numbers Exceed Expectations

12.07.2013: GreenTec Awards Will Be Presented at IFAT

20.06.2013: IFAT On Its Way to Setting Records

04.06.2013: IFAT India 2013: Subcontinent Looks for Clean Ways to Dispose of Waste

28.03.2013: Messe München to Launch IFAT Eurasia in 2015

20.03.2013: International Line-up for the Premiere of Ifat India

29.11.2012: Ifat India: Platform for International Companies

24.10.2012: Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technology Returns to Its Original Name

10.10.2012: Industry Welcomes Launch of Ifat India

18.06.2012: Messe München International Launches Ifat India

16.04.2012: Mega Cities: Challenges and Opportunities in Urban Infrastructure Solutions

15.02.2012: Events Program at IFAT Entsorga 2012

20.12.2011: IFAT Entsorga 2012 Fully Booked

19.08.2011: Geothermal Energy: Trend Theme – Now Included in IFAT Entsorga 2012

11.08.2011: IFAT Entsorga 2012 – New Product Sections

14.07.2011: Flood Control at IFAT Entsorga 2012: Better Protection Against Flooding

01.06.2011: Figures So Far for IFAT ENTSORGA 2012 Are Well Above Expectations

15.04.2011: IFAT CHINA + EPTEE + CWS 2011 Features First-Rate Supporting Program

18.02.2011: IFAT Entsorga: Irrigating Farmland With Treated Wastewater

11.10.2010: News from the IFAT 2010 – Part 4

04.10.2010: News from the IFAT 2010 – Part 3

27.09.2010: News from the IFAT 2010 – Part 2

21.09.2010: News from the IFAT 2010 – Part 1

08.09.2010: Water – An investment in the future

29.07.2010: Record Number of Exhibitors at IFAT ENTSORGA 2010

21.04.2010: Sewage Sludge at IFAT ENTSORGA 2010: Many Options for an Inhomogeneous Product

01.04.2010: Sewage Processing Technology at IFAT ENTSORGA 2010

17.03.2010: Waste-to-energy at IFAT ENTSORGA 2010: Energy Instead of Dumping

03.03.2010: Interim Results for IFAT ENTSORGA Positive

23.02.2010: Leading International Trade Fair IFAT ENTSORGA Has New Subtitle

18.01.2010: IFAT Becomes IFAT ENTSORGA

18.12.2009: More Key Partners Come on Board as Partners of IFAT 2010

11.11.2009: Seawater Desalination at IFAT 2010 – Oceans as a Source of Drinking Water

15.09.2009: Flood protection at IFAT 2010 – Pumps to the rescue

18.05.2009: More New Themes at IFAT

25.03.2009: IFAT Moves to a Two-Year Cycle

22.05.2008: News from the IFAT 2008 – Part 2

14.05.2008: News from the IFAT 2008 – Part 1

22.06.2006: Marketplace of the Global Environmental Industry

18.05.2005: News from the IFAT 2005 – Part 4

10.05.2005: News from the IFAT 2005 – Part 3

06.05.2005: News from the IFAT 2005 – Part 2

03.05.2005: News from the IFAT 2005 – Part 1

27.05.2002: IFAT Bolsters its Position as Leading International Trade Fair

15.05.2002: IFAT 2002: Exhibitor Numbers Set New Record